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Holly Day Wins Writing Prizes

Fri, May 6, 2011
Holly Day Wins Writing Prizes






Holly Day is a Plan II senior, preparing to graduate and start her first year of medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  During her time at UT, she has volunteered with People's Community Clinic and the Austin State Hospital, and served as the president of the Plan II Pre-Medical Society.  Her plans for the summer include sleeping, biking, and making a wedding cake. 

Holly submitted a 15 page exerpt from her Plan II Honors thesis to the essay contest. 

Crying at Dachau and Tuol Sleng—Two Memorials, Two Reactions.

"This thesis was inspired by my collected experiences as a sixteen-year-old, during my family’s nine-month trip around the world. I’ve written four main essays, researching several of the places we visited, and further investigating my responses to each part of our journey.  The first essay gives a portrait of my family during our trip—how our relationships with each other influenced our travels, and how our travels influenced those relationships. The second discusses my interactions, as a poorly-informed tourist, with two historical monuments, and considers how my experiences might have changed if I had been more aware of the history behind those sites. The third explores the differences in my reactions to two genocide memorials, Dachau and Tuol Sleng, and the fourth deals with our experiences as bicycle tourists. Though the phenomena discussed in each piece vary, the essays are unified and driven by their common exploration of what my responses to our travels meant about the person I was then, and the person I am now."



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Tuol-Sleng Bed

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