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Plan II Family Day, 2012

Tue, October 23, 2012
Plan II Family Day, 2012

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Breakfast  ::  10:30 to 11:30 am  ::  Texas Union Ballroom




Session I  ::  11:45 am to 12:30 pm

  • Ruth Buskirk:  The Plan II Costa Rica Maymester

Eastwoods Room 2.102  ::  Ruth Buskirk is a Distinguished Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences

The Plan II Costa Rica Maymester is for students interested in understanding the complex issues surrounding the conservation of some of the worldʼs most treasured natural resources.  This course is designed by the Plan II program with a focus on interdisciplinary studies.

Presented by Ruth Buskirk, who is the Director of the Health Science Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research on behavior and physiology has been published in over 40 articles and includes work of spiders, dragonflies, baboons, and unusual animal behavior before earthquakes. Dr. Buskirk received the UT System Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award in 2009, the Chad Oliver Teaching Award in Plan II Honors in 2012 and is a three-time recipient of the Texas Exes Teaching Award (1988, 1991, 1998)

  • Grant Thomas:  Plan II/KIPP Partnership

Governors’ Room 3.116  ::  Grant Thomas is an adjunct professor in Plan II Honors and serves on the Board of KIPP Austin.

The Plan II/KIPP (“Knowledge is Power Program”) Partnership began in the spring of 2007, when seventeen Plan II students embarked on a partnership with KIPP and  Austin College Prep, a local middle school serving primarily low-income and minority students in Austin.

Presented by Grant Thomas, who is a career educator whose major focus for the past 29 years has been on systematic strategies for youth empowerment and service. He currently serves on the boards of YouthLaunch and KIPP Austin. His educational background includes a B.A. from Princeton, magna cum laude (1967); an Ed. M. from Harvard (1974); and four years of graduate study in educational psychology at UT (1976-80).

  • James Loehlin:   Shakespeare through Performance

 Sinclair Suite 3.128 ::  James Loehlin is a professor in Plan II and the Department of English in the College of Liberal Arts

James Loehlin is the Shakespeare at Winedale Regents Professor of English and director of the Shakespeare at Winedale program.  He is a native Austinite, and as an undergraduate in Plan II he was a student in the Winedale program under founding Director James B. Ayres.  He earned an English M.A. at Oxford as a Marshall Scholar, and a joint Ph.D. in Drama and Humanities at Stanford. He taught at Dartmouth College for five years, serving as Director of the London Foreign Study Program, before returning to UT in 1999.


  • Austin Gleeson:  The God Particle

Lone Star Room 3.208  ::  Dr. Gleeson is a professor in Plan II and the Department of Physics in the College of Natural Sciences. 

Austin Gleeson received a B.S. in Physics from Drexel Institute of Technology in 1960, an M.S. in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1963 and a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Pennsylvania in 1965. He has been teaching at the university since 1969. Of his teaching, one student said, “Dr. Gleeson loves what he teaches, he loves his students, and he inspires his students to take something away from his class.” Of his own teaching philosophy, Gleeson says, “Successful learning requires student engagement with the material. I strive to achieve this everyday in my classes.”



Session II  ::  12:45 pm to 1:30 pm

  • David Kendrick:  Macroeconomic Policy: Long Run and Short Run

 Eastwoods Room 2.102  ::  Dr. Kenrick is a professor in Plan II and the Department of Economics in the College of Liberal Arts. 

David Kendrick is the Ralph W. Yarborough Centennial Professor of Liberal Arts in the Department of Economics.   He is the author or co-author of nine books and about seventy articles and has enjoyed the pleasure of teaching Plan II Macroeconomics for many years.   He was recently honored by the creation of the Kendrick Award which will be given by the Society for Computational Economics on an irregular basis to an outstanding contributor in the field of Computational Economics.

  • Michael Starbird:  The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

Governors’ Room 3.116  ::  Dr. Starbird is a professor in Plan II and the Department of Mathmatics in the College of Natural Sciences.

Michael Starbird is Professor of Mathematics and a University Distinguished Teaching Professor at The University of Texas at Austin. He received his B.A. degree from Pomona College and his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  A member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers since 1998, Dr. Starbird was also the winner of the Chad Oliver Plan II Teaching Award in 1997 and has received many other teaching awards and recognition.

  • Linda Henderson:  The ‘Fourth Dimension’ in 20th-Century Art and Culture

Sinclair Suite 3.128  ::  Dr. Henderson is a profesor in Plan II and the Department of Art and Art History in the College of Fine Arts.

Linda Henderson earned her Ph.D. at Yale University and has taught 20th-century European and American art in the Department of Art and Art History since 1978. Before coming to the University of Texas, she served from 1974 through 1977 as Curator of Modern Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Professor Henderson's research and teaching focus on the interdisciplinary study of modernism, including the relation of modern art to fields such as geometry, science and technology, and mystical and occult philosophies.


  • George Christian: Ulysses in Hell: Canto XXVI of Dante's L'Inferno

Asian Culture Room 4.224  ::   George Christian is an adjunct professor in Plan II and the Department of English in the College of Liberal Arts.

George Christian is an Adjunct Professor of English.  He is a Plan II graduate of UT (and Plan II Honors), where he also earned his law degree, M.A. in English, and Ph.D. in English.  He is working on a second Ph.D. in Modern European History.   A practicing lawyer who has taught British Literature for five years, he specializes in the nineteenth-century English novel.  He has published numerous articles on Victorian novels by Carlyle, Dickens, Trollope, Hardy, and Gissing.  Current research interests include: the relationship of law and literature in the nineteenth-century English novel.


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See the full Family Weekend Schedule of Events

The College of Liberal Arts offers the Family Dinner Extravaganza, which is designed to be a fun night with a "variety" show environment allowing families to meet some of the Liberal Arts faculty and watch some of the college's student organizations perform.

Friday, Oct. 26, 
7:00 pm; Texas Union Ballroom (UNB 3.202)

Join Liberal Arts deans, faculty, and student members of the Liberal Arts Council for an evening of dinner, conversation, and entertainment. You will have a chance to hear Associate Dean Marc Musick talk about the college as well as meet and share ideas with some of our faculty and students. Dinner will be followed by a variety of dance, theater, and musical performances by Liberal Arts students.

This event is open to all liberal arts students and their family member.

The price is $20 for family members and $10 for students.

  • Choose a quantity of family members in the "College of Liberal Arts Family Dinner Extravaganza:  Family and Guest Reservations."
  • And remember to also choose the number of students from your family that are in Plan II if they choose to attend with you,  in the "College of Liberal Arts Family Dinner Extravaganza:  UT Student Reservations."


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