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Our Fall 2013 Plan II Honors/Forty Acres Scholars

Mon, October 7, 2013
Our Fall 2013 Plan II Honors/Forty Acres Scholars
The current Plan II Honors Forty Acres Scholars

 Plan II Forty Acres Scholars

The Forty Acres Scholars Program is the premier full-ride, merit-based scholarship at The University of Texas at Austin. Administered by the Texas Exes, this scholarship program connects scholars with the University’s brightest faculty and distinguished alumni.  All Forty Acres Scholars receive handsome funding. Their tuition, books, and fees are covered, as well as a living stipend. Each scholar also receives financial support for enrichment activities, including a community service project, an internship, and a global experience—or a combination of each.


Plan II Honors celebrates the fact that sixteen of the thirty-eight current Forty Acres Scholars are in the Plan II Honors Program.

There are nine Forty Acres Scholars in the Class of 2015.  Four of them are Plan II majors:  Joey Dominguez (Plan II & Biochemistry), Emily Gruener (Plan II & Government), Connor Healy (Plan II & English) and Linda Shi (Plan II Honors, Business Honors & Finance).

Six of the fourteen Class of 2016 Forty Acres Scholars are in Plan II Honors:  Tiffany Chan (Plan II & Chemical Engineering), Abhay Divakaruni (Plan II & Business Honors), Mary Elizabeth Guerra (Plan II & Neuroscience/pre-med), Rachel Larson (Plan II & Architecture), Caroline Meyerson (Plan II & Business Honors), Marisa Swanson (Plan II & Social Work).  Akos Furton and Steven Wilbanks completed the first-year of Plan II Honors in 2012-2013.  Both Akos and Steven continue in the Business Honors Program.

The Forty Acres Class of 2017 welcomes fifteen new scholars to the University of Texas at Austin.  Six of them are in Plan II Honors.  See:

 front row, left to right: 

  • Rachel Larson, Plan II Honors/Architecture, 2012/2016
  • Linda Shi, Plan II Honors/Business Honors/Finance, 2011/2015
  • Caroline Meyerson, Plan II Honors/Business, 2012/2016
  • Tiffany Chan, Plan II Honors/Textiles and Apparel, 2012/2016
  • Mary Elizabeth Guerra, Plan II Honors/Biology-Pre-med, 2012/2016
  • Marisa Swanson, Plan II Honors/Social Work, 2013/2017

second row, left to right:

  • Amanda Hildebrand, Plan II Honors/Applied Learning & Development, Education, 2013/2017
  • Caroline Read, Plan II Honors/Journalism, 2013/2017
  • Ashley Alcantara, Plan II Honors/Business Honors Program, 2013/2017
  • Bronwyn Scott, Plan II Honors/Biomedical Engineering, 2013/2017
  • Emily Gruener, Plan II Honors/Government, 2011/2015

back row, left to right:

  • Abhay Divakaruni, Plan II Honors/Business Honors Program, 2011/2015
  • Kathryn Stouffer, Plan II Honors/Nutrition Science, 2013/2017
  • Scott Urbis, Plan II Honors/Business Honors, 2013/2017
  • Connor Healy, Plan II Honors/English, 2011/2015
  • Steven Wilbanks, Business Honors, 2012/2016 (2012/2013 in Plan II Honors)

Not pictured:  José (Joey) Dominguez, Plan II Honors/Biochemistry/English, 2011/2015 (on study abroad fall 2013)


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