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Plan II Common Read: Reverence by Paul Woodruff

Tue, October 8, 2019
Plan II Common Read: Reverence by Paul Woodruff

Paul Woodruff’s Reverence (Oxford UP, 2014)
October 30th, 7 pm
UTC 2.102A

This summer and fall we will be asking all Plan II students to read (or reread) Paul Woodruff’s Reverence: Renewing a Forgotten Virtue. Dr. Woodruff, a beloved philosophy professor at UT, directed the Plan II Honors Program for 15 years and continues to teach sophomore philosophy for us. His book is a reflection on reverence as a virtue, detached from specific religions or rituals, that is the source of our capacity for awe, respect, and the recognition of the humanity of others. Reverence, Woodruff argues, is the opposite of hubris: it is the feeling we experience when we connect to something larger than ourselves. Reverence “fosters leadership and education” and “kindles warmth in friendship and family life.” Without reverence, “things fall apart” (10).

The idea behind the Plan II Common Read is to start the Plan II year with a shared experience. We hope to inspire community conversations and dialogues outside of the classroom and to allow students to engage, both singly and collectively, with important ideas—intellectual, emotional, ethical, personal, and interpersonal—in informal discussions with faculty, staff, and other students. On October 30th, Professor Woodruff will present a talk based both on this book and on his current work, to the entire Plan II student body.

Reverence is available at local bookstores, libraries, and on Amazon in a variety of formats (new, used, Kindle, paperback, etc.). If you have trouble getting a copy, please reach out to us and we can help. We hope you enjoy the Plan II Common Read and look forward to hearing your thoughts when we gather together in the fall on the Forty Acres!

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