Irma Rangel Public Policy Institute

Irma Rangel Institute supports PRC graduate students attending Population Association of America (PAA) meetings since 2012

Thu, August 15, 2013

The Irma Rangel Institute annually supports two or three Population Research Center graduate student affiliates who present papers at the Population Association of America conference.  For first group, in 2012, were Molly Dondero and Ying-Ting Wang, both graduate students in the Department of Sociology and PRC trainees:

(1) Molly Dondero and Melissa Humphries

Paper: “The College-Savings Behavior of Foreign-Born Parents in the U.S.”

(2) Ying-Ting Wang

Paper: “The Education Gradient in Self-Rated Health for Chinese Immigrants in the United States”

The 2015 PRC attendees were:

(1) Carmen Gutierrez

Paper: "Acculturation and Perceptions of the Law in Chicago Neighborhoods"

(2) Connor Sheehan

Paper: "Children's Education, Migration and Parents' Mortality in Mexico"

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