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Wed, May 28, 2014

Project MALES -- Mentoring to Achieve Latino Educational Success

Led by Assistant Professor Victor Saenz in the College of Education, this project seeks to better understand the experience of Latino men in higher education.

“In 2010 Dr. Victor B. Saenz (Assistant Professor, UT College of Education) and his research team made up of UT graduate students officially launched an ambitious new research and mentoring effort called Project MALES (Mentoring to Achieve Latino Educational Success). Project MALES is led by Dr. Saenz and it is based within the UT-Austin Division of Diversity & Community Engagement (DDCE). Project MALES is made up of two interrelated initiatives: a research project focused on exploring the complex experiences of Latino males in higher education; and, a pilot mentoring project that aims to cultivate an engaged support network for Latino males at UT-Austin and the Central Texas community. The Project embodies praxis by fusing these two initiatives through its use of a research-informed program model that highlights mentoring as a way to leverage social capital among Latino males across multiple generations. With a strong focus on mentoring, leadership development, community engagement, and research, Project MALES’ ultimate goal is to enhance the postsecondary participation and completion rates for male students of color as well as to inform policymaking and policy development within this emerging state and national imperative.

The Public Policy Institute has supported Project MALES through the funding of a graduate research assistant over the last seven summers. This doctoral student has engaged in scholarly training and has had first-hand experience in organizing and conducting field and writing activities related to MALES' ongoing research work. This student has also helped further the work of Project MALES and the policy agenda that is emerging regarding the issue of the emerging gender gap in educational attainment. The support that Project MALES receives from the Public Policy Institute has helped to nurture these young scholars in taking research and practice and translating that into a workable policy agenda.”

For additional information, see the following Project MALES websites:

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