Cash Advances

  • Minimum $500 for cash advance requests
  • Request must be submitted by Principal Investigator of project
  • Must be requested 10 days PRIOR to date needed; rush requests are no longer accepted
  • Can be used for travel/off-site research (please make sure RTA is requested as well)
  • Must be used if researcher will provide gift cards or cash to subjects participating in project
  • Project must allow participant incentives/subject fees (please check with Admin Staff prior to making arrangements)
  • Logs must be kept to document all dissemination of participant incentives.  Click here for log.
  • Information needed for cash advance requests: Recipient, purpose of cash advance, amount, period the cash advance will be used, account number, and brief budget
  • Logs, paid receipts, and/or corresponding documentation must be submitted to the PRC for cash advance reconciliation within 30 days of cash advance period
  • Please contact to request a cash advance

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