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Consultants/Payments for Professional Service

Payments to short-term service-providers, such as visiting speakers or consultants on a research project, are processed on an APS/PBS.  To request a payment for short-term services, please contact at least two weeks before the individual begins his/her work, as this requires multiple approvals from CoLA and UT. Your email should include:

  1. Name and Email
  2. Description of Duties
  3. Qualifications to Perform Duties
  4. Dates of Service
  5. Pay Rate and Total Expected to Pay
  6. Account to Charge

The payment must be authorized by UT before the individual begins the work. If the payment is not authorized before work begins, the faculty member requesting the payment will be required to print and sign a memo addressed to the Dean explaining why UT procedure was not followed; payment processing will be delayed or may be disallowed at the Dean's discretion. 

For long-term services, work that will last more than two weeks, a service contract will be needed. To request a payment for long-term services, please contact at least three weeks before the individual begins work. Your email should include:

  1. Name and Email
  2. Scope of Work
  3. Dates of Service
  4. Pay Rate and Total Expected to Pay
  5. Account to Charge
  6. Payment Schedule

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