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General Reimbursements

Because of the time required for document processing, both within the department and in Accounting, requests for reimbursement submitted more than 60 days after the event will not be approved by the Dean's Office. State of Texas Sales Tax is not reimburseable. A state sales tax exemption form is available from department staff or here.

In order to receive a reimbursement, you should:

  • Provide itemized and paid receipts (if in a foreign currency, please indicate the country, date, and currency, along with a translation of the receipt if it is not in English).
  • Please provide an account number or account description to be used for reimbursement.
  • Please note: Office supplies, software, furniture, and computer equipment cannot be reimbursed. Please see department staff for these purchases.

Entertainment Expense Reimbursement

Entertainment expenses are considered "Official Occasions,” defined as receptions, luncheons, dinners, or similar events that are sponsored and funded by UT (e.g., conferences, meetings, planning retreats, staff meetings), as well as awards/plaques, flowers, and greeting cards.

Entertainment costs may be reimbursed by the department using a faculty’s individual chair account, or on grant accounts if allowable.

Procedures for reimbursement:

  • Entertainment expenses are limited to $75/person for an event/meeting (including tax and gratuity).
  • Tips/gratuity should be limited to no more than 20% of the subtotal. Restaurants often add a tip to the bill automatically, so please check the bill before adding a tip.
  • ProCards cannot be used at restaurants.
  • Alcohol charges may not exceed 50% of the subtotal. If you require an exception to this because of the nature of the event, please contact the admin team.
  • If the event was 10 people or fewer, please provide the name, title, and affiliation for each person in attendance. If the event was more than 10 people, please provide a general description of the group attending.

For travel reimbursements see Travel.

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