PRC Proposal Bootcamp - Summer 2016

Application due date: April 15, 2017

The PRC invites applications for its summer grant writing workshop, Proposal Boot Camp.  The Boot Camp is designed to teach the craft of writing competitive grant applications to support research in the population sciences. At the end of the Boot Camp, participants are expected to have a draft proposal ready for submission.

The Proposal Boot Camp will take place over the course of the summer and meetings occur approximately 2-3 weeks apart. Participants learn about:

  • The organization and goals of the National Institutes of Health – the primary sponsor of research in the population sciences
  • The steps needed to submit an application to NIH
  • The NIH review process and how to respond to reviewers’ critiques
  • The craft of writing an actual NIH application

A hallmark of the Boot Camp is the intensive mentoring that campers receive from experienced NIH grantees. The workshop is led by Development Core Director Liz Gershoff (Human Development and Family Sciences).

Faculty participants will be provided $10K in seed funds to support the development of their projects.

1. Applicants should submit the following three materials to Liz Gershoff and Mary de la Garza:
   a. A draft 1 page Specific Aims page for the proposed research project following the NIH format. The page should include information about:
     1) The core aims of the research project.
     2) The gaps in the population science literature that the project is designed to fill.
     3) A brief description of the data, analytic approach or study design (this can be tentative).
         Note: Much time in the workshop will be dedicated to working on the Specific Aims; the submission for the application is expected to be in draft form.
   b. A statement explaining why this project is a logical next step in the applicant’s research program, what funding agency and mechanism they are targeting, and whether they have any collaborators at UT or elsewhere.
   c. A CV.

2. PRC faculty researchers who have not participated in prior boot camps are automatically eligible to apply. Priority is given to faculty members who are junior in rank or who are seeking to jumpstart a funded research program. Non-PRC faculty interested in pursuing research questions in the population sciences are also encouraged to apply. Non-PRC faculty who intend to apply are strongly encouraged to contact Liz Gershoff to determine the project’s fit with the center’s core mission to advance research in the population sciences.

3. Advanced graduate students in the PRC who are interested in developing individual postdoc applications (e.g., F32s) and postdoctoral fellows interested in developing career development (e.g., K01) or research (e.g., R03) applications are encouraged to contact Liz Gershoff if they are interested in participating.

4. Boot camp participants must commit to attending all sessions and to dedicating significant time to writing the proposal between sessions. Dates of sessions will be determined after participants are selected.

5. Boot camp participants are required to submit their grant application through the Population Research Center.

Review Criteria
Participation in the Boot Camp is competitive and based on the availability of funds. The applicant’s synopsis will be evaluated in terms of the importance of the research questions, feasibility of the propose study, and preparedness of the applicant.

Please direct additional questions to Liz Gershoff, Development Core Director, Population Research Center.

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