Data Storage

PRC File Server and file storage information:

Each PRC user receives 20 GBs of personal storage space. This personal storage space is connected in Windows Explorer as your T: drive. These files can only be accessed by you. Your T: drive is backed up daily and is the best place to store your important files. Please do not store important files on the C: drive of your computer as these files are not backed up. 
Projects are assigned space on the Q drive.  This space is on an as needed basis and is also backed up daily.
Temporary storage is available on the “Scratch” drive. The “Scratch” drive will show up as the X: drive in Windows Explorer. The files on the Windows Scratch drive are never backed up and are deleted at the end of each semester. It is to be used for temporary storage or for sharing non-restricted files with other PRC users. Everyone can access it and it is NOT secure space. Feel free to create your own folders on the “Scratch” drive when needed, but always have a backup copy (if needed) as anyone could delete these files.

UT Box:

Box cloud storage is a campus-wide service that allows faculty, staff, and students at the University of Texas at Austin to use Box for storing and sharing files for business and academic purposes.  UT Box provides unlimited storage for all faculty, staff and students.  For projects, the PRC has an unlimited UT Box allocation. Please request a shared directory by emailing us at

BIG Data:

The PRC has a relationship with the Texas Advanced Computing Center - TACC.  For projects that need large data storage and or high perfromace computing please contact to discuss options for using the TACC resources.

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