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Junfeng Jiao

Faculty ScholarsPh.D., University of Washington

Associate Professor, School of Architecture
Junfeng Jiao



Junfeng Jiao is the director of Urban Information Lab at School of Architecture. His primary interest is built environment and healthy community planning. He wants to understand how people react and reflect the built environments where they live, work, and play. He has investigated the impact of built environments on people’s access to grocery stores, transit facilities, and bicycle infrastructures, and how people reflect and use cities with GIS, Twitter, Bike sharing, Airbnb and Uber data.

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UGS 302 • Ethics Of Ai: Good Systems-Wb

61685 • Spring 2021
Meets TH 2:00PM-5:00PM
Internet; Synchronous

The Signature Course (UGS 302 and 303) introduces first-year students to the university’s academic community through the exploration of new interests. The Signature Course is your opportunity to engage in college-level thinking and learning.

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