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Jeffrey Swindle

Postdoctoral ScholarPh.D., University of Michigan

Jeffrey Swindle



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Curriculum Vitae

Postdoc Mentors: Drs. Pamela Paxton and Abigail Weitzman

My research covers two related themes: the global flow of ideas and how ideas motivate action. I focus on the topics of migration, culture, gender inequality, and globalization. In addition to my independent work, I am researching the family dynamics of forced international displacement with Dr. Abigail Weitzman during my Postdoc. 

Journal Articles 

Swindle, Jeffrey. “Pathways of Global Cultural Diffusion: Mass Media and Stated Attitudes about Men’s Violence against Women,” Revised and Resubmitted. Data & Code.

2020 Best Graduate Student Paper Award, American Sociological Association, Section on the Sociology of Human Rights.

2020 Honorable Mention for the Richard A. Peterson Award for the Best Graduate Student Paper, American Sociological Association, Sociology of Culture Section.

2020 Lester P. Monts Award for Most Outstanding Graduate Student Research Paper on Africa, University of Michigan, African Studies Center.

2019 Best Graduate Student Paper Award, American Sociological Association, Communication Information Technologies and Media Sociology Section.

2019 Best Graduate Student Paper Award, Canadian Sociological Association, Sociology of Development Research Cluster.

2019 Winner of the Student Paper Competition, Society for the Study of Social Problems, Global Division. 

Thornton, Arland, Jeffrey Swindle, Prem Bhandari, Linda Young-DeMarco, Nathalie Williams, and Christina Hughes. 2021. “Developmental Idealism and Migration: Theorizing their Relationship and an Empirical Example from Nepal,” Migration and Development. Preprint: PSC Research Report 20-895.

Swindle, Jeffrey, Shawn Dorius, and Attila Melegh. 2020. “The Mental Map of National Hierarchy in Europe,” International Journal of Sociology 50(3):179-200. Preprint.

Williams, Nathalie E., Christina Hughes, Prem Bhandari, Arland Thornton, Linda Young-DeMarco, Cathy Sun, and Jeffrey Swindle. 2020. “When Does Social Capital Matter for Migration? A Study of Networks, Brokers, and Migrants in Nepal,” International Migration Review 54(4):964-991.

Williams, Nathalie E., Prem Bhandari, Linda Young-DeMarco, Jeffrey Swindle, Christina Hughes, Loritta Chan, Arland Thornton, and Cathy Sun. 2020. “Ethno-Caste Influences on Migration Rates and Destinations,” World Development 130:104912.

Thornton, Arland, Prem Bhandari, Jeffrey Swindle, Nathalie Williams, Linda Young-DeMarco, Cathy Sun, and Christina Hughes. 2020. “Fatalistic Beliefs and Migration Behaviors: A Study of Ideational Demography,” Population Research and Policy Review 39(4):643-670.

Hughes, Christina, Prem Bhandari, Linda Young-DeMarco, Jeffrey Swindle, Arland Thornton, and Nathalie Williams. 2020. “Family Obligation Attitudes, Gender, and Migration,” International Journal of Sociology 50(4):237-264.

Dorius, Shawn and Jeffrey Swindle. 2019. “Developmental Idealism in Internet Search Data,” Sociology of Development 5(3):286-313. Preprint.

Thornton, Arland, Nathalie E. Williams, Prem Bhandari, Linda Young-DeMarco, Cathy Sun, Jeffrey Swindle, Christina Hughes, and Yu Xie. 2019. “Influences of Material Aspirations on Migration,” Demography 56(1):75–102.

Muir, Jonathan A., David Braudt, Jeffrey Swindle, Jeremy Flaherty, and Ralph B. Brown. 2018. “Cultural Antecedents to Community: An Evaluation of Community Experience in the United States, Thailand, and Vietnam,” City and Community 17(2):485-503.

Thornton, Arland, Shawn Dorius, Jeffrey Swindle, Linda Young-DeMarco, and Mansoor Moaddel. 2017. “Middle Eastern Beliefs about the Causal Linkages of Development to Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights,” Sociology of Development 3(1):70-94.

Thornton, Arland, Shawn Dorius, and Jeffrey Swindle. 2015. “Developmental Idealism: The Cultural Foundations of World Development Programs,” Sociology of Development 1(2):277-320.


Under Review

Weitzman, Abigail, Katarina Huss, Matthew Blanton, Swindle, Jeffrey, Gilbert Brenes Camacho and Arodys Robles. “Family Adjustment to International Displacement in Latin America.”

Working Papers

Swindle, Jeffrey. “The Dynamics of Human Rights Projects Addressing Men’s Violence against Women in Malawi.”

Swindle, Jeffrey. “Modernization Theories and Categorizing the World, 1700-2000.”

Preliminary Analyses

Weitzman, Abigail, Gilbert Brenes Camacho, Arodys Robles, Matthew Blanton, Jeffrey Swindle, and Katarina Huss. “Internationally Displaced Family Life: Mothers’ Perspectives.”

Pace, Garrett, and Jeffrey Swindle (Equal Authorship). “Global Attitudes and the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence: A Natural Experiment.” Early Presentation.

Swindle, Jeffrey, Louisa Roberts, Taylor Brown, Katrina Hauschildt, and Garrett Pace. “Foreign Aid and Stated Attitudes about Men’s Violence against Women Worldwide.” Early Presentation.

Swindle, Jeffrey. “Contemporary Foreign Influences on Ideal Family Size and Actual Fertility in Malawi.” Early Draft.

Williams, Nathalie E., Jeffrey Swindle, Prem Bhandari, Christina Hughes, Linda Young- DeMarco, and Arland Thornton. “Does Religion Sort Like-Minded People into Places? A Study of Religiosity, Migration, and Destinations in Nepal.”

Book Reviews and Encyclopedia Articles

Swindle, Jeffrey. 2014. “Review: Uncharted: Big Data as a Lens on Human Culture by Erez Aidan and Jean-Baptiste Michel,” Cultural Conversations: Student Newsletter for the Sociology of Culture Section of the American Sociological Association 3:1.

Swindle, Jeffrey. 2013. “Review: Men and Development: Politicizing Masculinities by Andrea Cornwall, Jerker Edström, and Alan Greig,” International Sociology 28(5):561-563.

Swindle, Jeffrey. 2013. “Review: Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty by Abhijit Banerjee and Ester Duflo,” Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 14(2):312-314.

Swindle, Jeffrey. 2011. “Development Accountability,” Pp.248-250 in Encyclopedia of Global Justice, edited by D. K. Chatterjee. New York: Springer.

Swindle, Jeffrey. 2011. “Feminization of Poverty,” Pp.347-348 in Encyclopedia of Global Justice, edited by D. K. Chatterjee. New York: Springer.


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