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Maria Arredondo

Faculty ScholarsPh.D., University of Michigan

Assistant Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Sciences
Maria Arredondo



Dr. Maria Arredondo is the Director of the ChiLLDS Lab (Child Language Learning and Development Studies) at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research focuses on understanding how infants, toddlers and school-age children acquire their language(s). She is especially interested in why some children can become proficient bilinguals, while others seem to struggle. To test these questions, Dr. Arredondo uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy to study the cognitive and neural networks that support bilingualism. She is also interested in how children come to learn and understand from their culture(s). Through all these mechanisms, Dr. Arredondo investigates what allows diverse and multilingual children to learn their languages and provides them with the skills to succeed academically. 

The methods of her studies include infant and child-friendly experimental designs, neuroimaging (functional near-infrared spectroscopy, also known as fNIRS), standardized assessments of language abilities, surveys, and one-on-one qualitative child-friendly interviews.

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