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Faith Deckard

B.S. Biology, Trinity University

Faith Deckard



Criminal Justice Contact, Health Disparities, Debt, Biosocial Approaches, Ethnography


Faith Deckard is a third year Ph.D student in the sociology department at the University of Texas at Austin, working in the LifeHD lab.

Faith is currently exploring the “stress and strain” associated with indebtedness, or financial obligation to expensive institutions.

Adopting biosocial and network approaches, she addresses  questions related to health, collective burden, and coping with an emphasis on 1) how indebtedness, or financial obligation, gets under the skin to effect mental and physical health, and 2) how debt stress becomes embedded and horizontally transmitted within families and networks.

While bail navigation presents an opportunity to examine the social and health cost of affording antisocial attachment (justice contact), college settings provide an environment to explore stress radiating from the affordability of pro-social institutional attachment (higher education).

Ultimately, Faith’s goal is to produce rigorous research that informs programs and policies aimed at eliminating disparities experienced by institutionally indebted populations.

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