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Sat, June 16, 2007

PRPR is familiar to most demographers and has published many articles written by UT faculty and former graduate students. It is the official journal of the Southern Demographic Association, with a subscription included as part of SDA membership. It is currently published by Springer, one of the world's largest publishers of academic journals and texts. The journal has a very international readership and list of authors and includes articles on a wide range of population-related topics. Most articles, as implied by the name, have at least some connection with policy, but that range can include, say, China's one-child policy, or European immigration policy, or child care policy in the United States. Research linked only indirectly with policy--and that should include most other population research!--is also welcome.

For more information about the journal, including the contents of recent issues, go to Springer Link.

To submit a paper for publication, go to the PRPR Editorial Manager. The submission and review process is now conducted totally online, through that website. If you have questions, please send them to prpr@prc.utexas.edu.

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