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Mark Hayward Receives the SALC Outstanding Mentor Award

Wed, August 14, 2019
Mark Hayward Receives the SALC Outstanding Mentor Award

Mark Hayward is the recipient of the first ever SALC Outstanding Mentor Award.  Mark was nominated by Jennifer Karas Montez in a letter that was signed by 24 of his mentees!

Mark Hayward has made tremendous scholarly contributions to the field of aging and the life course.  He is well known for his work on the long arm of childhood.  

Mark was a SALC Council Member and the SALC Chair.  He has chaired 17 PhD committees, 4 MA committees, and served on additional 57 committees.  He has served as the formal advisor for 7 postdocs and 2 NICHD KO1 Career Development recipients. Mark has served for over 30 years as a PI and preceptor for NIH funded training programs for graduate students.  While most of these scholars are sociologists, they are also affiliated fields including economics, public policy, nutrition, and neuroscience.  The sheer volume of his mentoring is astounding.

Now for the quality of that advising: He publishes regularly with mentees.  In the last 10 years, 33 of the 40 peer reviewed publications on his CV are co-authored with mentees, current and former students and postdocs. He also regularly nominates his mentees for prestigious national committees, elections, or high profile presentations.  He is always on the lookout for ways to advance their careers.

Mark is well known for providing lifelong mentorship.  He is readily available to his mentees, not just by email, but by phone, and in person.  In the nomination letter, Jennifer describes how at conferences there is often a line 5 deep of people waiting for advice from Mark, and that the line will include everyone from new graduate students to full professors.   Given his level of commitment, it is no surprise that he has mentees at top schools such as the University of Chicago, Princeton, and London School of Economics. 

Beyond all of his official advisees, Mark provides a tremendous amount of support for colleagues who have never been his student or trainee.

Best of all, Mark provides all of this mentoring with good humor and a kind and generous heart.  He wants his mentees to have fun and enjoy life just as he does.  He leads gently and with unconditional support.

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