REU 2015 Application Information & Instructions

The application consists of five parts: personal statement, resume, faculty recommendation, online application, and transcript.   THE APPLICATION DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 17, 2015 for the student portion of the application. There will be additional time for receipt of faculty recommendations and transcripts. View a sample application.

1) Personal Statement – prepare a statement of interest and objectives (1-2 pages maximum) explaining your reasons for wanting to receive this fellowship and what you would like to gain from the program. Feel free to add any comments on your activities, skills, and accomplishments that might be helpful in evaluating your application. Also, feel free to include factors or individuals that increased your interest  in this fellowship (instructor, advisors, classes, personal experiences, etc.). Finally, please make sure to address how this program will help you move toward your post-graduation plans and, in particular, any graduate school plans that you may have.  You will upload a PDF of this statement within the online application. Please have this statement prepared prior to filling out the online application.

2) Resume – You will upload a PDF of your resume within the online application. Please have this prepared prior to filling out the online application.

3) Faculty Information – you will be asked to provide the name, university, department, and e-mail address for the faculty providing your letter of recommendation. The e-mail address must be an official university affiliated e-mail address. References may be contacted during the review process but it is not a requirement to complete your application. We will forward a link to the faculty member so they may submit his/her recommendation. Please have this information prepared prior to filling out the online application.  

4) Online application – You will complete an online application. Please have your personal statement, resume and faculty information ready prior to beginning the online application. You will have the option of "Save & Return Later" for each section of the application. Once a section is complete, you cannot make any additional changes. 

Please review our REU FAQs and REU Sample Application before you begin the online application. 

Click here for the APPLICATION LINK.

5) Transcripts – You must provide an official college transcript. If you are a UT Austin student, transcript submission is NOT required. Transcripts will be accepted beyond the application deadline.

Transcripts should be sent to:
REU Program Coordinator
Population Research Center
The University of Texas at Austin
305 E.23rd St, G1800
Austin, Texas 78712

All applicants will be notified of the selection decisions by mid  March.

Questions or comments may be sent to:

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  • Population Research Center

    University of Texas at Austin
    305 E. 23rd Street
    Stop G1800
    Austin, Texas 78712-1699