Course Offerings in Demography

*indicates a required course for the training program

Spring 2017

  • Training Seminar* (Coffey)
  • General Approaches* (Pudrovska)
  • Demography of Health Across the Life Course (Hayward)
  • Gender and Population Health (Umberson)
  • Adult Development and Aging (HDF 393) (Fingerman)
  • Dynamic Models/Longitudinal Data Analysis (Powers)
  • Linear Models/Structural Equations (Lin, K)

Fall 2017

  • Demographic Techniques* (Weinreb)
  • Mortality (Hayward)
  • International Migration (Rodriguez)
  • Training Seminar (Muller)
  • Gender, Work, and Family (Glass)
  • Discrete Multivariate Models (Powers)
  • Labor Economics (Black and Murphy)
  • Seminar in Development Economics (Linden)
  • Public Economics (Cabral)

Spring 2018

  • General Approaches* (Weinreb)
  • Fertility (Aiken)
  • Family and Kinship (Cavanagh)
  • Training Seminar (Weitzman)
  • Education in an International Context (Marteleto)
  • Life Course and Health (Pudrovska)
  • Social Statistics: Dynamic Models (Powers)
  • Labor Economics (Oettinger and Trejo)
  • Seminar in Development Economics* (Spears)
  • Public Economics (Geruso)

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