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UTIP Global Inequality Data Sets 1963-2008: Updates, Revisions and Quality Checks
Galbraith, James K., Halbach, Biatrice, Malinowska, Aleksandra, Shams, Amin, and Zhang, Wenjie
Inequality and Growth: Patterns and Policy. 2:chapter 3, 2016


Martin-Storey, Alexa, Jacob E. Cheadle, Julie Skalamera and Robert Crosnoe. 2015. “Exploring the Social Integration of Sexual Minority Youth across High School Contexts.” Child Development 86(3): 965-975.

Stevenson, Amanda Jean and Joseph E. Potter, “Abortion access and state variation in measured unintended pregnancy,” Contraception, 92(3):227-33.

The impact of reproductive health legislation on family planning clinic services in Texas
White, Kari, Joseph E. Potter, Kristine Hopkins, Amanda Jean Stevenson, Celia Hubert, Abigail R. A. Aiken, and Daniel Grossman
The American Journal of Public Health 105(5):851-858, 2015

Latin American immigration, maternal education, and approaches to managing children’s schooling in the United States.
Robert Crosnoe, Arya Ansari, Kelly Purtell, and Nina Wu
Journal of Marriage and Family Advance online publication:, 2015

Latin American immigrant parents and their young children’s teachers in the U.S. early childhood education programs.
Robert Crosnoe and Arya Ansari
International Journal of Psychology. Advance online publication:, 2015

Immigration and the interplay of parenting, preschool enrollment, and children’s academic skills.
Arya Ansari and Robert Crosnoe
Journal of Family Psychology 29:382-393, 2015

Children’s elicitation of changes in parenting during the early childhood years.
Arya Ansari and Robert Crosnoe
Early Childhood Research Quarterly 32:139-149, 2015

Learning-related social skills as a mediator between teacher instruction and child achievement in Head Start.
Arya Ansari and Elizabeth Gershoff
Social Development 24:699-715, 2015

Combating obesity in Head Start: Outdoor play and change in children’s body mass index
Arya Ansari, Kierra Pettit, and Elizabeth Gershoff
Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics 36:605-612, 2015

Delivering diversity and social justice education: The power of context
Deepak, A., Rountree, M., & Scott, J.
Journal of Progressive Human Services: Radical Thought & Practice 26(2):107-125, 2015

Acculturation, Gender, and Active Life Expectancy in the Mexican-Origin Population
Marc A. Garcia. Jacqueline Angel, Ronald Angel, Chi-Tsun Chui, and Jennifer Melvin
Journal of Aging and Health 27:1247– 1265, 2015

“Parental Social Support, Ethnicity, and Energy Balance-Related Behaviors in Ethnically Diverse, Low Income, Urban Elementary Schoolchildren.”
Rachel Donnelly and Andrew Springer
Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 47(1):10-18, 2015

Race Differences in Acceptance of Cremation: Religion, Durkheim, and Death
Buchanan, Tom and Gabriel, Paige
Social Compass :, 2015

Gatekeepers of the American Dream: How Teachers' Perceptions Shape the Academic Outcomes of Immigrant and Language Minority Students
Blanchard, Sarah and Muller, Chandra
Social science research 51:262-275, 2015

Beyond Blackboards: Engaging Underserved Middle School Students in Engineering
Blanchard, Sarah, Judy, Justina, Muller, Chandra, Crawford, Richard H., Petrosino, Anthony, White, Christina K., Lin, Fu-An, and Wood, Kristin L.
Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research 5:1-14, 2015

Crime and the Life Course
Mark Warr and Carmen Gutierrez
Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences :, 2015

Silence Speaks: The Relationship between Immigration and the Underreporting of Crime
Carmen Gutierrez and David Kirk
Crime & Delinquency :, 2015

Extending the INGO Network Country Score, 1950-2008
Pamela Paxton, Melanie M. Hughes, and Nicholas E. Reith
Sociological Science 2:287-307, 2015

“Family Background, School-Age Trajectories of Activity Participation, and Academic Achievement at the Start of High School”
Robert Crosnoe, Chelsea Smith, Tama Leventhal
Applied Developmental Science 19:139-152, 2015

Combating Obesity in Head Start: Outdoor Play and Change in Children's Body Mass Index.
Ansari, A., Pettit, K., & Gershoff, E.
Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 36:605-12, 2015

Marital Quality and Cognitive limitations at late life
Minle Xu, Patricia Thomas, and Debra Umberson
The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 2015

An Overview of Immigration Issues in Education: A Brief History and Contemporary Issues.
Castro, Andrene, Malinowska, Aleksandra, and Serrata, Luz Del Carmen
Texas Education Review 3:1-11, 2015

Healthy Learners: Poverty, Immigration, and Opportunity in Early Childhood Education
Crosnoe, Robert, Claude Bonazzo, and Nina Wu, 2015


Finding the Twitter users who stood with Wendy
Stevenson, Amanda Jean
Contraception 90:502-507, 2014

Unmet demand for highly effective postpartum contraception in Texas
Potter, Joseph E., Kristine Hopkins, Abigail R. A. Aiken, Celia Hubert, Amanda Jean Stevenson, Kari White, and Daniel Grossman
Contraception 90:488-495, 2014

Change in abortion services after implementation of a restrictive law in Texas
Grossman, Daniel, Sarah Baum, Liza Fuentes, Kari White, Kristine Hopkins, Amanda Jean Stevenson, and Joseph E. Potter
Contraception 90:496-501, 2014

Montessori public school pre-K programs and the school readiness of low-income Black and Latino children.
Arya Ansari and Adam Winsler
Journal of Educational Psychology 106:1066-1079, 2014

Kinship care and undocumented Latino children: An examination of the child-welfare and immigration systems overlap in Texas
Scott, J., Faulkner, M., Berger Cardoso, J. & Bernstein, J.
Child Welfare 93(4):53-69, 2014

Nativity and immigration status among Latino families involved in the child welfare system: Characteristics, risk, and maltreatment
Berger Cardoso, J. Dettlaff, A., Finno, M., Scott, J., & Faulkner, M.
Children and Youth Services Review 44:189-200, 2014

Economic insecurity and access to the social safety net among Latino farmworker families
Padilla, Y., Scott, J. & Lopez, O.
Social Work 59(2):157-165, 2014

Undercounting urban residents in Bolivia: A small-area study of census-driven migration.
Weinreb, Alex and Derpic, Jorge
Population Research and Policy Review. Vol. 33. N�6.:, 2014

Volunteering and the Dimensions of Religiosity: A Cross-National Analysis
Pamela Paxton, Nicholas E. Reith, Jennifer L. Glanville
Review of Religious Research 56, no. 4:597-625, 2014

“Changes in Young Children’s Family Structures and Child Care Arrangements.”
Robert Crosnoe, Kate C. Prickett, Chelsea Smith, and Shannon E. Cavanagh
Demography 51:459-483, 2014

Young children’s behavioral and emotional reactions to plexiglass and video visits with jailed parents.
Julie Poehlmann-Tynan , Hilary Runion , Cynthia Burnson , Sarah Maleck , and Lindsay Weymouth , Kierra Pettit , and Mary Huser
Children’s Contact with Incarcerated Parents, Ch. 3.: 39-58, 2014

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