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Department of Psychology

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Christopher G Beevers
Professor  |  (512) 232-3706  |  SEA 3.212
Education   Ph.D., University of Miami
Interests  Etiology, maintenance, and treatment of unipolar depression in adults

Caryn L Carlson
Professor and Associate Chair  |  (512) 475-8493  |  SEA 4.212A
Education   Ph.D., University of Georgia
Interests  Positive psychology, well-being, and life satisfaction

Alexandra L Clark
Assistant Professor  |  SEA 3.234
Education   Ph.D., San Diego State University/University of California San Diego Joint Doctoral Program
Interests  Aging, neuropsychology, mechanisms underlying Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, clinical cultural neuroscience, brain health equity, neuroimaging, TBI

Kim Fromme
Professor  |  (512) 471-0039  |  SEA 3.242
Education   Ph.D., University of Washington
Interests  Etiology and prevention of alcohol abuse and risk-taking behaviors (e.g., drugs, sex, aggression)

Andreana P Haley
Professor, Clinical Psychology Area Head, and Director of Clinical Training  |  (512) 232-0863  |  SEA 3.238
Education   Ph.D., University of Virginia
Interests  Aging, cognition, cognitive impairment, metabolic syndrome, neuropsychological assessment, and neuroimaging (MRI, fMRI, MRS)

Kathryn Paige Harden
Professor  |  (512) 471-1124  |  SEA 3.246
Education   Ph.D., University of Virginia
Interests  Behavioral genetics, adolescent development, and externalizing psychopathology

Charles J Holahan
Professor  |  (512) 471-3320  |  SEA 3.202
Education   Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Interests  Health psychology, stress and coping, occupational stress, coping with cardiovascular illness

Marc S Lewis
Associate Professor  |  (512) 471-3393  |  SEA 4.104
Education   Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
Interests  Development of innovative research approaches in biology and medicine

Cindy M Meston
Professor  |  (512) 232-4644  |  SEA 3.232
Education   Ph.D., University of British Columbia
Interests  Sexual psychophysiology (vaginal photoplethysmography), sexual dysfunction, relation between sexual abuse and sexual function, and the influence of acculturation on sexuality

Rebecca Neal-Beevers
Research Scientist  |  (512) 475-8491  |  SEA 3.216
Education   Ph.D., University of Miami
Interests  Social and communication development in infants and young children, early identification of developmental delay in at-risk populations, autism

Catherine Panzarella
Clinical Professor and Director of Clinical Training |  (512) 471-8431  |  SEA 3.132B
Education   Ph.D., Temple University
Interests  Development, evaluation, and delivery of culturally competent behavioral health services

Manuel Ramirez III
Professor  |  (512) 475-7012  |  SEA 5.206
Education   Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Interests  Multicultural personality development and psychotherapy, the dynamics of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands and mental health of borderlanders and the relation of cultural values to family dynamics (previous research interests: person perception and verbal learning)

Jasper Smits
Education Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Interests Development of behavioral and integrative treatments for anxiety disorders (e.g., social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder) and related problems (smoking, overeating, physical inactivity)

Michael J Telch
Professor  |  (512) 475-8488  |  SEA 3.102
Education   Ph.D., Stanford University
Interests  Agoraphobia, anxiety and phobic disorders, behavioral medicine, behavioral therapies, cognitive processes of behavior change, and therapy outcome evaluation


Kaya de Barbaro
Assistant Professor | CLA 4.520
Education  Ph.D., University of California San Diego
Interests  Behavior, social interactions, development, dynamical systems theory, mobile sensing, machine learning, mental health

Francisco Gonzalez-Lima
George I. Sanchez Centennial Professor | (512) 471-5895 | SEA 3.236
Education  Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
Interests Neuroscience, neuroanatomy, neurobiology, physiological psychology, psychobiology, learning and memory, brain energy modulation, and neural mechanisms of behavior

Robert A Josephs
Professor  |  (512) 471-9788  |  SEA 3.204
Education   Ph.D., University of Michigan
Interests  Clinical neuroendocrinology

James W Pennebaker
Professor  |  (512) 232-2781  |  SEA 3.212
Education   Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Interests  Social psychology and psychosomatics, language and health, how individuals, groups, and cultures respond to traumatic events

David M Schnyer
Professor and Department Liaison for Medical Affairs | (512) 475-8499 | SEA 5.246
Education  Ph.D., University of Arizona
Interests  The neurocognitive basis of human mental phenomenon

William B Swann
Professor  |  (512) 471-3859  |  SEA 3.106
Education   Ph. D., University of Minnesota
Interests  The self, relationships and group processes, including questions such as why people engage in extreme behaviors such as terrorism; self and identity, group behavior, interpersonal relationships and person perception

Elliot Tucker-Drob
Professor  |  (512) 232-4225  |  SEA 4.218
Education   Ph.D., University of Virginia
Interests  Developmental behavior genetics, ecological contexts of human development, individual differences, cognitive development/intellectual development, personality development, academic achievement, quantitative modeling

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