Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Clinical Area Seminar Series

The clinical area holds a lunchtime seminar series (C.A.R.E. talks) featuring guest speakers from within and outside the department who give presentations addressing current research and clinical issues.

We try to invite speakers with diverse interests and perspectives relating to clinical psychology. Past speakers have included Evan Smith, current editor of Texas Monthly, and David Collins, Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. and Buddhist scholar.

Recent talk titles have included: "Colorblind Racial Socialization and Its Consequences Among Youth," "Smells Like Political Spirit: Vocal and Olfactory Cues Predict Attraction in Ideologically Similar Potential Mates," and "A Scientific Review of Online Dating: Effective in Spite of Itself."

See the current semester's schedule at the link above. If you’re interested in knowing more about a given week's presentation, please email the Clinical Assistant at

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