Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Cash Advance Requests for Participant Compensation

Cash advances are used to pay subjects for participation in research studies. 
To request a cash advance, please complete and submit the:

** Cash Advance Request Form **

Procedures for the Request

Fill in all the required fields. Failure to complete a required field will prevent you from submitting the form. Please include any additional useful information in the Comments field.

Please be advised that we will need at least 10 business days from the time you make your request to the date for which you are requesting the check.

The request has to be approved by the department chair, the dean, and the Office of Accounting. Assuming it receives all necessary approvals, and there are no other delays, your cash advance check will be ready on the day stipulated in the request. The Office of Accounting will contact the requester via e-mail, who is required to pick up the check in person in Main Building, Room 132 between 8:30am - 4:30pm. Please bring a valid photo ID at the time of pickup.

Important Information About Cash Advances

Complete information about cash advance policies and procedures, including links to the downloadable signature receipt forms, may be found here.

Subject Payments

It is crucial that all research subjects given money for participation in a study complete & sign either the Individual Receipt Form or the Multiple Participant Receipt Form

Participant Forms

The Individual Receipt Form should be used if the participant expects to receive more than $600 from research participation within one calendar year. It can also be used to protect the privacy of the subject.

Due Date

At or before the end of the time period for the advance, an accounting of all of the cash given is due. The requestor is responsible for being aware of the cash advance end date and turning this in by the due date. Bring all receipt forms and unspent funds (in the form of cash or a check made out to The University of Texas at Austin) to the department's Procard Reconciler, who will process the reconciliation of your cash advance with accounting. 

Cash advance time periods cannot extend beyond the end date of the account you are using. This "end date" is not the project end date, but the one listed on the mainframe for your current account funds. Thus, it doesn't matter to Accounting if your grant will continue if the continuation is not in the accounting system.


Extensions cannot be granted for cash advances past the six month mark.

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