Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology


Purchase Orders are how most items are purchased.  To request an item(s) to be purchased please fill out and submit the Purchase Order Form.  For the purposes of record keeping and information integration, ALL purchase requests MUST use this form.  Purchase requests on paper, word documents, email, or in person/phone will NOT be processed and will be returned upon receipt with instructions to fill out the online form. 


Fill in all required fields.  Failure to complete a required field will prevent you from submitting the form.

Please fill out as much of the non-required information as possible.  The more complete the purchase request information is, the faster the request can be processed. 

Once the request has been received, you will get an email confirming the request. In most cases, the request will be processed within one (1) business day of receipt (NOT when the request was sent).  If you do not receive an email within one business day of submitting a request, please contact Barbara Landberg.

Once the order has been processed, you will receive an email containing the date the order was processed, the Purchase Order Number (or procard purchase notice), the confirmation number (where applicable), and the vendor name.  The email will also contain contact instructions for questions regarding the order.  Please keep this email and respond to it with any questions regarding that particular order, as it contains all the information necessary to look up the order.


Orders over $5000 require that we secure at least three (3) bids (two from HUB vendors) before the bid can be awarded.  This process can take three (3) to five (5) business days.  Once the bid has been awarded, it must be approved by the University Purchasing Office, which can take three (3) to five (5) business days. 

Orders over $25,000 must go through a formal bidding process that is handled by the University Purchasing Office. 

For both of these types of orders, there are options to speed along the process.  You may submit an emergency purchase request or a sole source letter.


An emergency purchase is defined as "the purchase of supplies or services which are so badly needed that the department will suffer financial or operational damage if the supplies or services are not secured immediately." Carelessness or negligence on the part of the agency and/or its employees can cause emergencies. Such cases are subject to question, review, and possible rejection by Purchasing Office. Contact the Purchasing Office for detailed information on how to proceed in cases of emergency.


  • Incomplete information.
  • Certain grants and accounts take longer to receive final aprroval to use funds before order can be submitted.
  • Use of a vendor that is not already in the UT purchasing system.

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