Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Can I apply if I am graduating (April or May) before the SURE program begins (June)?
    No, students must still be in school.
  2. Am I eligible if I attend a university outside of the State of Texas?
    No, we are not accepting students from universities outside of Texas. Our current funding is restricted to Texas residents. 
  3. Am I eligible if I am a freshman?
    Yes, all undergraduate students (regardless of their year) can apply.
  4. Am I eligible if I am not an ethnic minority?
    Yes, you are eligible to apply.
  5. Do I need to have previous research experience in order to apply?
    No, S.U.R.E. is designed to give participants an immersive experience regardless of background. We specifically wish to provide opportunities to those with little to no options for research in Psychology.



  1. If I am not accepted this year, can I re-apply the following year?
    Yes, you can apply the following year. We strongly encourage students to re-apply if they are not accepted.
  1. Is on-campus housing for non-UT students mandatory during this internship?
    No, on-campus housing is not mandatory. You can deny on-campus housing and still be accepted in this internship.
  1. Am I allowed to take a course at UT during this internship?
    Yes, as long as the coursework does not interfere with your performance in this internship. If you take a course,  you are responsible for tuition.
  1.  Should I receive a confirmation email that my application has been received?
    Yes, if you entered your email address correctly, you should receive a confirmation from the form.
  1.  When should I receive a status update on my application?
    Our goal is to have decisions made by mid May 2021. You will receive a notification regardless of being accepted or not.
  1. Who should write my letter of recommendation?
    We wish to have a perspective on you academic and research capabilities, therefore we would prefer to have a professor, lecturer, academic advisor, etc., who can speak to these qualities. Work supervisors, community members and/or professional references would be less appropriate for a letter; but you may list them as an additional reference if you desire. Letter writers do not necessarily need to be from you current institution.

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