Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Dr. Anda Gershon, "Risk for Mood Disorders: A Context-Sensitive Approach"

Wed, February 22, 2017 | SEA 4.244 (Library)

1:30 PM

IMHR Job Talk


Dr. Anda Gershon
Instructor, Department of Psychiatry
Stanford University


"Risk for Mood Disorders: A Context-Sensitive Approach"


Wednesday, February 22rd, 1:30pm
Seay 4.244 Auditorium


Abstract: Two of the most consistently identified risk factors for mood disorders are life stress and sleep/circadian disturbances. Despite their importance, we understand relatively little about how these risk factors trigger or sustain mood disorders. In this talk I review my research, which highlights a context-sensitive approach to developing more precise models of the mechanisms by which life stress and sleep/circadian disturbances increase vulnerability to mood disorders.


Sponsored by: IMHR

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