Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Dr. Dana Ballard, "A Neural Coding Hypothesis to Address Multiplexing"

Mon, February 20, 2017 | SEAY 4.244

12:00 PM

CPS Colloquium 

Dana Ballard, Ph.D.
Professor, Center for Perceptual Systems & Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin


"A Neural Coding Hypothesis to Address Multiplexing"


February 20, 12pm - 1pm, SEAY 4.244

Bag Lunch Talk

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Abstract:  The Poisson firing of cortical neurons has been seen as a basic property of signal representation and proposed as a method of signaling Bayesian statistics. However these observations are increasingly difficult to integrate with measurements of gamma frequency spikes and their possible use in spike timing signals. We show in simulation that the two sets of observations can be reconciled if the gamma frequencies can be seen as a ubiquitous method of fast communication in cortical networks that use gamma phase delays as the communicated signal. Separate gamma frequencies have the advantage of allowing different computations to be simultaneously conducted without interference. In this ubiquitous-gamma model a challenge is to explain the overwhelming observations of neurons exhibiting Poisson spiking. We show that this can be explained if the different processes can be mixed probabilistically in a way that allows different processes to time share the same neurons. 


Sponsored by: Center for Perceptual Systems

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