Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

CPS: Dr. Il Memming Park, "Low-dimensional Nonlinear Neural Dynamics Models of Neural Computation"

Mon, October 14, 2019 | SEAY 4.244

12:00 PM

Center for Perceptual Systems Colloquium


Il Memming Park, Ph.D.
Neurobiology & Behavior
Stony Brook University


"Low-dimensional Nonlinear Neural Dynamics Models of Neural Computation"

10/14/2019 • 12:00 PM
SEAY 4.244

Reception with Refreshments at 11:45 AM

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Abstract: The language of nonlinear dynamics of neural ensembles provides means to describe and understand neural computation. I will discuss two probabilistic formulations and corresponding inference procedures to recover low-dimensional dynamical system descriptions from neural data. First method relies on locally linear dynamics approximation with a multi-scale hierarchical structure for added interpretability. I will demonstrate the extraction of human understandable phase portraits from subsampled spike trains using sampling. The second method uses Gaussian processes to describe the state transitions and can be implemented as an online algorithm (constant time on streaming data) that enables real-time neuroscience research. I will discuss the potential real-time applications for monitoring and controlling population states.



Sponsored by: Center for Perceptual Systems

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