Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Controlling hand movements in dynamic environments

Mon, August 26, 2013 | SEA 4.242

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Hosting Department/Center: Center for Perceptual Systems Seminar Series

Title: "Controlling hand movements in dynamic environments"

Date: 8/26/2013

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: SEA 4.242

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Abstract: One of the main roles of vision is to provide the information needed for the control of our actions. Visual information should be available before movement initiation, so that the movement can be planned, but also during movement execution, so that the movement can be modified when needed. Previous results have shown that people react within about 150 ms if the target that they are moving to suddenly changes position. However, most studies analysing the flexibility of motor control have used movements to a single target, so little is known about our ability to adapt one movement in a sequence to changes in the targets of the subsequent movements. Also, because most movements are executed in environments that are cluttered with many different objects, information about possible obstacles in the intended path of our movements may also be relevant for motor control, since the presence of an obstacle may require a change in the trajectory during execution. In the present talk I will summarized a series of experiments that have examined these two issues: hand movement corrections to target displacements while performing sequences of movements and hand movement corrections to obstacle displacements of different characteristics.

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