Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

The effects of aging on the neural correlates of recognition memory: does age matter?

Tue, December 17, 2013 | SEA 4.422

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

The effects of aging on the neural correlates of recognition memory: does age matter?

Dr. Tracy Wang

Studies of age-related effects on memory performance have demonstrated that episodic memory declines with advancing age. I will present some evidence to demonstrate the dissociation of recollection from familiarity using ERPs.  Furthermore, I will discuss the operationalization and impairment of familiarity-related ERP effects in comparison to the relative stability of recollection-related effects with age.  Finally, the focus of the talk will center around an fMRI study that capitalizes on the phenomenon of ‘cortical reinstatement’, the overlap between patterns of encoding- and retrieval-related activity that has been reported in a significant number of fMRI studies with young subjects using both voxel-wise mass univariate analyses(GLM) and more recently, multi-voxel pattern analyses (MVPA).  Here, we used MVPA to test for the distinctiveness of recollected content in older and younger adults.  We proposed that the accuracy of the MVPA classifier in predicting one of two prior encoding conditions on retrieval data representing successful recollection is a quantitative assessment regarding reinstatement of specific information about the prior encoding condition. Our findings of relative stability in recollection-related neural effects with age will be discussed, particularly with respect to the predictive value of individual differences of neural effects for recollection performance as a potential proxy for age.

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