Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Neuroscience: Dr. Jason Snyder, "Hippocampal Neurogenesis, Cellular Heterogeneity and Prolonged Plasticity. And a Dash of Behavior"

Mon, February 17, 2020 | NHB 1.720

3:00 PM

Department of Neuroscience
 Seminar Series Spring 2020

Jason Snyder, PhD
Department of Psychology
Center for Brain Health
University of British Columbia 

“Hippocampal Neurogenesis, Cellular Heterogeneity and Prolonged Plasticity. And a Dash of Behavior”

Monday, February 17
NHB 1.720, 3 pm

Hosted by Dr. Michael Drew

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Abstract: During immature stages, adult-born hippocampal neurons pass through critical periods for survival and plasticity. It is generally assumed that by 2 months of age they are mature and equivalent to the broader neuronal population, raising questions of how they might contribute to hippocampal function in old age when neurogenesis has declined. Here I will present work showing that adult-born neurons morphologically mature over a much longer interval than is typically appreciated, up to ~25% of the lifespan of the rat, thereby providing a reserve of plasticity into late life. Additionally, we find that neurons born at different stages of life display distinct patterns of cellular survival, physiological excitability, and functionally-relevant morphology. Thus, ontogeny dictates forms of cellular heterogeneity that may make lasting contributions to hippocampal circuits even after cells have fully matured. But are adult-born neurons important for behavior? While the answer appears to be yes, the functions are diverse and I am indecisive. Therefore, the final minutes of my talk will take the form of a "choose your own adventure", where a behavioral topic will be chosen on the fly through audience participation.  


Sponsored by: Department of Psychology Neuroscience Area

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