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University of Texas at Austin KNOWLEDGE MATTERS videos:
"Ask a UT Psychologist"


Nature or Nurture? | Smart Teens and Abstinence | The Benefits of Teen Sex | Genetic Risks for Delinquency | The Benefits of Studying Twins


What Motivates People to Give | Benefits of Distance & Negotiation 1 | Benefits of Distance & Negotiation 2 | Negotiation and the Workplace | Fundraising Tactics | Celebrities and Giving


Suppressing Emotions and Aggression | Helping Engineers Solve Problems


Lying | Relationship | Group Leader | Personality | Emotional Well-Being


Study Methods | Dementia Interventions | Memory & Learning | Using Memory as a Guide | Memory Binding | Memory Research

More Videos Featuring Psychology Faculty


Watch "Brain Behavior"
 Jennifer Beer and The Office's Michael Scott, featured in a video on Beer's research on people with inflated opinions of themselves. See also, "Brain Activity Levels Affect Self-Perception, Research Shows; "Rose-Colored Glasses" Correlate with Less Frontal Lobe Use"


Watch "Are Sex-Segregated Schools Effective?" Interview on "Good Day Austin"
The reasons for dividing the sexes once seemed logical for school administrators, but new research conducted at the University of Texas reveals some surprising results. Professor Rebecca Bigler talks about the study in this video.


Dr. David Buss (UT-Austin, Psychology) and Dr. Pepper Schwartz (UW-Seattle, Sociology) were guests on November 14, 2012 on National Public Radio's "On Point" show. They discussed the science and psychology of marital infidelity. Read more...
Hosted by award-winning journalist Tom Ashbrook, On Point is broadcast for two hours daily across the country on NPR. To find out how you can listen to this broadcast, see

Dr. David Buss and Dr. Richard Dawkins discuss the modern understanding of human behavior in a series of short videos posted on YouTube in 2010. Watch videos at


Watch "Using a drumbeat to diagnose ADHD"
As the number of children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) grows, psychologists are questioning the diagnosis process. Professor David Gilden is working on creating a diagnostic tool using drumming and other methods to replace diagnostic tests currently in use, tests which he says are not effective.
"People have been focusing on ADHD as if it's an attention disorder as something having to do with attention, and that's how they're treating it, but I don't think that's what it is."
-- David Gilden, professor (cognitive systems)


Watch video interview with Dr. Samuel Gosling. Social psychologist Samuel Gosling discusses relationships and living arrangements on Austin's Fox 7 News morning show, "Good Day Austin".

Watch "Science Study Break" video (November 10, 2011)
Sam Gosling (Psychology) and Jim Bryant (Biology) use scenes from the BBC program "Sherlock!" and Granada Television's "Sherlock Holmes" series to illustrate the master sleuth's use of statistics and observations of the everyday manifestations of personality.

Watch "Good Day Austin" Interview (Aug. 31, 2011): Training bomb-Sniffing dogs
Sam Gosling talks about his work with bomb-sniffing dogs at the Canine Breeding and Development Center at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

Watch "Good Day Austin" Interview (Nov. 16, 2010): Cats vs. Dog Lovers....

Watch "Take Five interview with Sam Gosling"
Sam Gosling explores the ways personality is expressed in living spaces, offices and virtual environments.

Watch "Big Think Interview with Sam Gosling"

Watch "Stuff: what it reveals about you (Sam Gosling at CASW 2009)"
Sam Gosling talks about what the things you surround yourself with, your "stuff", reveals about your personality. Sam is the author of "Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You".

Watch Snoop Part 1, Snoop Part 2 Snoop Part 3
Daily Texas video of Sam Gosling discussing his research on personal spaces and personality.


Watch Video featuring Andreana Haley discussing research on obesity on YNN 
Andreana Haley talks about her research on dementia in overweight people in a YNN (Your News Now) video.


Watch video of Theresa Jones being interviewed on "YNN News"...
YNN reports on stroke rehabilitation research by Dr. Theresa Jones


Dr. Cristine Legare talks about new research that shows adults rely on supernatural beliefs for major life events just as much as children. The interview appeared on Austin's channel 7 morning show "Good Day Austin" on October 24, 2012. Watch video


Art Markman was interviewed on KTBC's "Good Day" morning show on October 29, 2012. In the interview Dr. Markman talks about using failure as a way to teach employees. Watch video

Interview on Austin's KXAN-TV: 'Smart Thinking' new book by UT professor

Art Markman interviewed on the Dr. Phil Show: Smart Thinking and Breaking Bad Habits

KUT interviews Art Markman on new book, "Smart Thinking": KUT's Matt Largey interviewed Art Markman on his new book, "Smart Thinking", which explores the science of learning to think smart. Listen to audio interview >

Arthur Markman talks about his research as a cognitive scientist: In an interview at the 33rd Annual Cognitive Science Conference, held in Boston, Massachusetts in July, psychology professor Arthur Markman talks about his research as a cognitive scientist in the areas of decision making and categorization, about the importance of drawing insight from various disciplines, and about the robust state of cognitve science. He talks about the obligation of scientists to communicate and explain to the community at large what the research is about and what it means for everyone. Advice to young scientists: You must love what you do, and you must be open to experience and ideas. Watch video| Download audio

Practicing self-control: YNN News recently interviewed psychology professor Art Markman about his research on sleep-deprivation and aggression. The study, which found that bottling up emotions can make people more aggressive, has been published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. Watch video | Read full study "Ego Depletion Is Not Just Fatigue: Evidence From a Total Sleep Deprivation Experiment"

Dr. Markmans' GOOD DAY AUSTIN videos:

Watch video "Impulse shopping"
Art Markman appeared on the May 10 broadcast of Fox 7's Good Day Austin to talk about impulse shopping and what can be done to resist the urge to buy.

Watch video: "Why we make and break New Year's resolutions"
 Art Markman is interviewed about why we make and break resolutions.

Watch video: "Why people are superstitious"
Art Markman explains the reasons why people are superstitious. "It's all about of the things that you do is you end up engaging in all sorts of behaviors and carrying around all sorts of beliefs about things you can do that will help you regain some that control that's normally out of your hands."

Watch video: "Cyberbullying"Art Markman talks about how, with the rise in digital media, bullying has gone viral thanks to personal computers, smart phones and other technology.


Watch "Why do women have sex? (David Buss & Cindy Meston at CASW 2009)"
Cindy Meston and David Buss discuss the findings of their study of female sexuality, which have been published in their book, Why Women Have Sex.

Watch "Idea City 2010" talk by Cindy Meston
In June 2010 professor of clinical psychology Cindy Meston gave a talk at an Idea City event in Toronto, Canada. Idea City is the Canadian equivalent of TED, a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.


"The Secret Life of Pronouns" (brief book interview)

Language of Truth and Lies: Performatives

Watch Video Interviews (author-maintained list from web site)

Watch KXAN video interview

Listen to KERA audio interview

Watch "Take Five interview with James Pennebaker"
 James Pennebaker explores how writing exercises can affect physical and mental health and aid in recovery from traumatic experiences


Dr. Poldrack delivered the keynote lecture at the Neuroinformatics 2012 conference in Munich, Germany in September 2012. The conference was organized by the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility, an international organization devoted to advancing the field of neuroinformatics. Watch the lecture on YouTube

Watch Russell Poldrack interview on "Good Day Austin" Psychology professor Russell Poldrack talks about New Year's resolutions and how to stick with them.

Watch "Studying the Brain, Understanding the Mind: Renowned neuroscientist heads up Texas' brain imaging center". 
Renowned neuroscientist Russell Poldrack heads up Texas' brain imaging center (Imaging Research Center) at The University of Texas at Austin. Read the full article >

Watch "Meet a Game Changer: Russell Poldrack"
 Risk taking: The good, the bad, and the brain


Watch "PTSD on the battlefield: Collecting data during combat (Michael Telch at CASW 2009)"
 Michael Telch talks about his study of the factors that increase the risk of PTSD in soldiers.


Watch "Fox 7 Austin's Good Day interview with Elliott Tucker-Drob". Dr. Elliot Tucker-Drob stopped by Good Day Austin today to talk about how poverty effects the genetic potential of children

Listen to Dr. Tucker-Drob's interview on New Hampshire Public Radio
. Dr. Tucker-Drob's study on the effect of poverty on children's genetic potential is the subject of this interview on New Hampshire Public Radio. Read full study (01/24/11)


Watch "Take Five interview with Jacqui Woolley" Jacqueline Woolley sheds light on how children distinguish fantasy from reality.


Watch Fox 7 News interview with David Yeager In an interview on Austin's Fox 7 News, assistant professor David Yeager discusses how parents can talk to adolescents about bullying. Yeager's research has shown that teaching children that people have the potential to change helps victims of bullying be more resilient. Watch video | Yeager Lab

Retired Faculty


Retirement speech | Tributes by students and faculty


Retirement speech

Interviews with former students


Interviewed by James W. Pennebaker w/Ruth Pennebaker/June 2007

Departmental Videos


Watch video
 In this clip from the College of Natural Sciences Highlights 2010 video, Dr. Russ Poldrack talks about the Imaging Research Center and Dr. Alex Huk describes research on 3D vision processing, for which his lab used the IRC.


Watch videos: 2011 | 2010 
Each spring, the clinical area holds PsychFest, a daylong event and banquet in honor of third-year students. This event features individual presentations by third-year students of their current research (typically, the second-year project) and course of future studies. The department invites a distinguished speaker to attend the event, meet with students, and give a lecture; organizers solicit student input when choosing each year's speaker.

The Barbara Pierce Bush 2006 International Conference on Language and Health

Watch video
 On March 21, 2006 the Department of Psychology hosted The Barbara Pierce Bush 2006 International Conference: Language and Health. The conference featured a group of international scholars participating in a series of talks and roundtables dealing with the ways that expressive writing, communication and the study of language can affect people's physical health.

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