Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Andrew Dillon

Ph.D., Loughborough University of Technology

V.M Daniel Professor of Information, Professor of Psychology, Professor of Information, Risk & Operations Management
Andrew Dillon




Ph.D., Loughborough University of Technology
B.A., M.A. (First Class) University College Cork


After 15 years as the Dean of the School of Information, I have returned to life as a faculty member. I study humans and the emerging information infrastructure, with the goal of shaping information space to serve humans better. My work engages design, human behavior, and social justice. Prior to life in Texas, I was a founding faculty member of the School of Informatics at Indiana University and a Research Fellow at Loughborough. I serve on the editorial boards of Journal of Documentation, Interacting with Computers, and I am a co-editor of Information & Culture

I currently focus on examining the nature of users. I want us to rethink user-centered design to consider the full human experience, from physical to social, incorporating a 'vertical slice' through the layers of boundaries in social science. We are all physical, perceptual, cognitive, social, and cultural beings, and design should 

Read my InfoMattersblog to get some of my latest words on all matters information-related. You can also find more information about me here.

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