Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Ian Nauhaus

Assistant ProfessorPh.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Ian Nauhaus


  • Phone: (512) 232-1923
  • Office: SEA 5.522
  • Campus Mail Code: A8000


Visual cortex, two-photon imaging, intrinsic signal imaging, electrophysiology, optogenetics, circuits, functional architecture, population codes


Dr. Nauhaus plans to accept a graduate student for Fall 2019.

Ian is a faculty member in the departments of Neuroscience and Psychology, researching coding strategies and corresponding mechanisms of the brain’s visual system. We primates rely heavily on vision to guide our behavior and perceive the world. By probing the circuits of the visual system with light from a computer monitor, our hope is to uncover general principles of how a healthy brain processes input from the natural environment. Many recently developed experimental tools for measuring activity of neural circuits should allow for new leaps in our understanding of the brain. Ian’s lab employs multiple imaging and electrophysiological methods to measure activity at different spatial and temporal scales within the visual cortex. Data from these experimental tools are combined to develop computational models of how populations of cells in the visual system encode visual input.


PSY 341K • Intro To Machine Learning -Wb

42814 • Spring 2021
Meets MWF 10:00AM-11:00AM
Internet; Synchronous

This course is about how to analyze data to make autonomous predictions. The end goal is proficiency with introductory machine learning topics to address problems in psychology and neuroscience. The main focus will be on supervised learning algorithms for regression and classification, from linear models to neural networks. Foundational topics will include performance metrics, linear algebra, and statistics.  Every topic will be accompanied by lectures and exercises with Python programming. The goal of programming implementation is to solidify concepts. Assignments will require students to think through the algorithmic options to apply to a given problem, implement the algorithms on data using Python, and interpret results. 

PSY 394U • Tpcs Perceptn/Systems Neurosci

42550 • Fall 2015
Meets M 12:00PM-3:00PM SEA 4.244

Seminars in Cognitive or Perceptual Systems. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and consent of instructor.

PSY 394U • Tpcs Perceptn/Systems Neurosci

43975 • Fall 2014
Meets M 12:00PM-3:00PM SEA 4.242

Seminars in Cognitive or Perceptual Systems. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and consent of instructor.


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