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Department of Psychology
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Behavioral Neuroscience

Photo of Frances Champagne

Frances Champagne

Professor and Associate Chair for Faculty and Student Affairs |
(512) 232-3401 |
SEA 4.212A

Education: Ph.D., McGill University

Interests: Gene-environment interplay, developmental trajectories, epigenetic inheritance, social neuroscience

Photo of David Crews

David Crews

Ashbel Smith Professor |
(512) 471-1113 |
PAT 30

Education: Ph.D., Rutgers University

Interests: Physiology of behavior, sexual differentiation, and sex determination

Photo of James Curley

James Curley

Associate Professor |
SEA 5.248

Education: Ph.D., University of Cambridge

Interests: Social Dynamics, Social Neuroscience, Social Networks, R Programming

Photo of Yvon Delville

Yvon Delville

Professor |
(512) 232-5731 |
SEA 5.234

Education: Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Interests: Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, Neuroanatomy, Neuropharmacology, Neurotoxicology, and Neuronal Plasticity

Photo of Juan M Dominguez

Juan M Dominguez

Professor |
(512) 232-8050 |
SEA 5.252

Education: Ph.D., The State University of New York at Buffalo

Interests: The neural-endocrine regulation of motivated behaviors and associated disorders like addiction; using mating behavior as a prototypic model to better understand motivation and associated disorders, especially the neuroendocrinological factors that regulate substance abuse disorders and depressive disorders; the neuroendocrinological underpinnings of gender differences in response to drugs of abuse.

Photo of Michael P Domjan

Michael P Domjan

Professor |
(512) 471-7702 |
SEA 4.232

Education: Ph.D., McMaster University

Interests: Basic behavioral mechanisms of learning, Pavlovian conditioning, evolutionary constraints on learning, and learning and other psychological processes in music

Photo of Andrew Gaudet

Andrew Gaudet

Assistant Professor |
SEA 5.230

Education: Ph.D., University of British Columbia

Interests: Neuroinflammation; biological clocks; metabolism; axon plasticity; behavior; spinal cord injury

Photo of Francisco Gonzalez-Lima

Francisco Gonzalez-Lima

George I. Sanchez Centennial Professorship |
(512) 202-7375 |
SEA 3.236

Education: Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

Interests: Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychobiology, Learning and Memory, Functional Neuroimaging, Brain Stimulation. PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: I would like to recruit a new Ph.D. student interested in neurocognitive enhancement and mental health.

Photo of Andrea Gore

Andrea Gore

Gustavus & Louise Pfeiffer Professor of Pharm./Tox. |
512-471-3669 |
BME 3.510B

Education: Ph. D., University of Wisconsin, Madison

Photo of Theresa A Jones

Theresa A Jones

Professor |
(512) 232-1814 |
SEA 6.106

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Neural plasticity across the lifespan, motor skill learning, mechanisms of brain and behavioral adaptation to brain damage, and glial-neuronal interactions

Hannah Lapp

Postdoctoral Fellow

Education: PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston

Photo of Hongjoo (Joanne) Lee

Hongjoo (Joanne) Lee

Associate Professor |
(512) 232-8055 |
SEA 6.108

Education: Ph.D., Yale University

Interests: Roles of amygdala-dopamine systems in learning and memory

Photo of Marie H Monfils

Marie H Monfils

Professor and Associate Chair for Research and Operations |
(512) 471-4139 |
SEA 6.104

Education: Ph.D., University of Lethbridge

Interests: Fear conditioning, learning, memory, consolidation, extinction, reconsolidation, synaptic plasticity, and long-term potentiation

Photo of Linda Noble

Linda Noble

Professor |
(512) 495-5250 |
SEA 5.226

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Interests: Matrix metalloproteinases and immune-based mechanisms as determinants of long-term recovery after pediatric brain and spinal cord injuries and environmental factors that shape recovery processes.

Photo of Caitlin Orsini

Caitlin Orsini

Assistant Professor |
512-232-5745 |
SEA 5.240

Education: Ph.D., University of Michigan

Interests: neuroendocrinology, decision making and executive function, substance use, long term impact of stress on behavior and the brain

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