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Department of Psychology
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Social and Personality Psychology

Sarah K Angulo

Associate Professor of Instruction |
(512) 475-7007 |
SEA 5.204

Education: Ph.D., Social and Personality Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Jennifer Beer

Jennifer Beer

Professor |
(512) 471-3224 |
SEA 3.208

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Social neuroscience, self, emotion, and social cognition

Photo of Bertram Gawronski

Bertram Gawronski

Professor |
512-471-7520 |
SEA 3.216

Education: Ph.D., Humboldt University Berlin (Germany)

Interests: Social Cognition, Attitudes, Decision-Making, Moral Psychology, Meta-Theory, Psychological Measurement

Photo of Samuel D Gosling

Samuel D Gosling

Professor |
(512) 471-1628 |
SEA 3.224

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Interests: Interpersonal perception, personality and temperament in non-human animals, and internet research methods

Photo of Marlone D Henderson

Marlone D Henderson

Associate Professor |
(512) 471-6447 |
SEA 4.224

Education: Ph.D., New York University

Photo of Robert A Josephs

Robert A Josephs

Professor |
(512) 471-9788 |
SEA 3.204

Education: Ph.D., University of Michigan

Interests: Clinical Neuroendocrinology

Photo of James W Pennebaker

James W Pennebaker

Regents Centennial Professor |
(512) 232-2781 |
SEA 3.212

Education: Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Natural language and social behavior; group processes and educational outcomes; how individuals, groups, and cultures respond to traumatic events

Photo of William B Swann

William B Swann

Professor |
(512) 471-3859 |
SEA 3.106

Education: Ph. D., University of Minnesota

Interests: The self, relationships and group processes, including questions such as why people engage in extreme behaviors such as terrorism. Self and identity, group behavior, interpersonal relationships and person perception

Photo of Veronica Yan

Veronica Yan

Assistant Professor |
512-471-0546 |
SZB 506M

Education: PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

Interests: Building better learners: cognitive science of learning and memory, social psychology of motivation in education

Photo of Tal Yarkoni

Tal Yarkoni

Research Associate Professor |
512-232-4444 |
SEA 5.108A

Education: Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis

Interests: personality and individual differences, data science, machine learning, fMRI methods

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