Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Faculty Labs & Affiliated Organizations

Faculty Members
Beer, Jennifer Self-Regulation Lab
Beevers, Christopher Mood Disorders Laboratory | Institute for Mental Health Research
Buchanan, Robert Human Brain Stimulation and Electrophysiology Lab
Buss, David Evolutionary Psychology Research Lab
Carlson, Caryn Well-Being in Context Lab
Church-Lang, Jessica Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Cormack, Lawrence Center for Perceptual Systems
Crews, David Reproductive Biology Laboratory
Delville, Yvon Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Lab
Dominguez, Juan The Neuroendocrinology and Motivation Lab
Dunsmoor, Joseph Dunsmoor Lab for Learning, Memory, and Emotion
Echols, Catharine Language Development Lab | Children's Research Center
Fromme, Kim Studies on Alcohol, Health, and Risky Activities (SAHARA) Laboratory
Gawronski, Bertram Social Cognition Lab
Geisler, Bill  Center for Perceptual Systems | Space Variant Imaging | Natural Scene Statistics
Gilden, David Center for Perceptual Systems
Gonzalez-Lima, Francisco Gonzalez-Lima Lab
Gore, Andrea Gore Lab
Gosling, Sam Human and Animal Personality Lab | Animal Personality Institute
Griffin, Zenzi The Cognition & Communication Lab
Haley, Andreana Clinical Neuroscience Lab
Harden, Kathryn Paige Developmental Behavior Genetics Lab | The University of Texas Twin Registry
Holahan, Charles Stress, Coping, and Health Lab
Huk, Alex Huk Lab
Jones, Theresa Jones Lab
Josephs, Robert Clinical Neuroendocrinology Lab
Legare, Cristine Evolution & Ontogeny of Cognition & Culture Laboratory | Children's Research Center
Lee, HongJoo (Joanne) Lee Lab
Lewis-Peacock, Jarrod Lewis-Peacock Lab
Markman, Art Similarity and Cognition Lab
Meston, Cindy Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory
Monfils, Marie Monfils Fear Memory Lab
Nadasdy, Zoltan Human Brain Stimulation and Electrophysiology Lab
Neal-Beevers, Rebecca The Child Development in Context Laboratory | Institute for Mental Health Research
Pennebaker, James Pennebaker Language Lab
Preston, Alison Preston Memory Lab | Center for Learning and Memory
Ramirez, Manuel Laboratory of Multicultural Processes and Mental Health
Schnyer, David Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Seidemann, Eyal Center for Perceptual Systems
Smits, Jasper Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab
Stice, Eric Stice Lab
Swann, William Groups and Interpersonal Processes Lab
Telch, Mike Laboratory for the Study of Anxiety Disorders
Tillman, Katharine Austin Thought Lab
Tucker-Drob, Elliot Lifespan Development Lab | The University of Texas Twin Registry
Woolley, Jacqueline Imagination and Cognition Lab | Children's Research Center
Yarkoni, Tal Psychoinformatics Lab
Yeager, David Adolescent Development Research Group | Children's Research Center

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