Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Andrew Dillon

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin School of Information

Dean of School of Information, Louis T. Yule Regents Professor of Information, Professor of Psychology, and Information, Risk & Operations Management
Andrew Dillon



Ph.D. Loughborough University of Technology
B.A., M.A. (First Class) University College Cork


What's new?

I have just been elected incoming President of ASIST (2012-13).

Here's a link to my Austin Forum presentation on the new field of Information:

I have also agreed to serve as series editor for a new UT Press Book Series on Information. Interested in authoring? Send me a line.

I have recently completed work on three papers. One with Ciaran Trace explores the application of genre theory to finding aids and archival research, which is available early online at Archival Science (DOI:10.1007/S10502-012-9190-5 but Springer makes this more difficult than it should be). With Phil Doty I co-authored a paper on the development of our new program in intelligence studies appears in the Journal of the Global Homeland Security Education Network, which you can find here. A thought-piece on what it means to be an iSchool will appear in the forthcoming JELIS special issue on iSchools.

e-Copies are now available of the majority of my writings since 1988 on this site - just click on publications link above. Read my InfoMatters blog to get some of my latest words on all matters information-related.

A paper outlining the development of our new joint MSIS/J.D. degree was published in Spectrum - follow the index to the pdf

Since I get asked for this one: I've posted the keynote address I gave at the Annual International Conference on Knowledge Management here.

My White Paper for CLIR on the future of academic libraries makes a case for information as a discovery accelerator. 


Next talks and conference trips

ASIST Annual Conference, Baltimore, Oct 2012


Find more about me at the iSchool.

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