Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology
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Social and Personality Psychology

Photo of Amy Arndt

Amy Arndt

Graduate student

Interests: prosocial behavior, perspective taking, media influence and interaction

Photo of Ashwini Ashokkumar

Ashwini Ashokkumar

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426A

Interests: identity fusion, group identity, intergroup conflict, morality, online research methods

Photo of Skylar Brannon

Skylar Brannon

Graduate student

Interests: Social Cognition, Belief Updating, Cognitive Consistency, Morality, Impression Formation

Leah Fredman

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426F

Photo of Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris

Postdoctoral Fellow, Self-Regulation Lab |
SEAY 3.414

Education: Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Interests: self-esteem formation, development, and measurement; personality development; experimental methods

Photo of Kayla Jordan

Kayla Jordan

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426 E

Interests: language, political psychology, morality, health, computational psychology

Haesung Jung

Graduate student

Photo of Lara Kroencke

Lara Kroencke

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426C

Education: B.Sc., University of Hamburg

Interests: personality and individual differences, well-being, ecological-momentary assessments

Photo of Anastasia Rigney

Anastasia Rigney

Graduate student

Interests: social cognitive neuroscience, self-perceptions, motivated biases

Photo of Miti Shah

Miti Shah

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426A

Education: M.Sc Clinical Psychology, Christ University, India

Interests: Prosocial, helping and altruistic behaviour. Influencing and increasing compliance in rule following behaviour.

Photo of Sanaz Talaifar

Sanaz Talaifar

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426 HA

Interests: identity fusion, the self, relationships between health and identity, morality, psychology of physical spaces

Photo of Mohini Tellakat

Mohini Tellakat

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426 C

Interests: social behaviors, social perception, mental health, computational psychology, language

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