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Department of Psychology
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Cognitive Neuroscience

Photo of Mary Abbe Roe

Mary Abbe Roe

Graduate student |
SEA 2.204B

Education: B.S., University of Rochester

Interests: Developmental disorders, neuroimaging, brain networks, typical and atypical developmental trajectories of executive functions

Photo of Damion Demeter

Damion Demeter

Graduate student

Education: M.A., Pacific University

Interests: Neuroimaging, functional connectivity MRI, developmental trajectories of brain organization, developmental disorders

Photo of Guadalupe Gonzalez

Guadalupe Gonzalez

Graduate student |
SEA 3.312

Education: B.A., Bethel College

Interests: Racial Bias, Ethnic Bias, Cognitive Neuroscience, Attention, Memory, Social Cognition

Photo of Nicholas Griffin

Nicholas Griffin

Graduate student |
SEA 2.210B

Education: B.S., Michigan State University

Interests: Memory distortion, attention bias, depression, EEG.

Hyo Jeong Kim

Graduate student

Photo of Seth Koslov

Seth Koslov

Graduate student |
SEA 2.218

Education: B.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Mechanisms of working memory and prospective memory, individual differences in learning and decision-making

Photo of Dillon Luke

Dillon Luke

Graduate student

Education: M.A., Wake Forest University

Photo of Remington Mallett

Remington Mallett

Graduate student |
SEA 2.218

Education: B.S., University of Missouri at St. Louis

Interests: neural representations of working memory; the interaction between memory and perception; circadian fluctuations of cognition

Francois Martel

Graduate student

Photo of Robert Molitor

Robert Molitor

Graduate student |
NHB 3.340

Education: B.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of memory, attention, category learning

Photo of Sharon Noh

Sharon Noh

Graduate student

Patrick O'connor

Graduate student

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