Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Valeria Tretyak

M.Sc. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, City, University of London; M.Res. (Master of Research) Brain Sciences, University College London (UCL)

Graduate Student
Valeria Tretyak



Substance use in young adults, bipolar disorder, translational research, evidence based interventions, public health


Valeria joined the Studies on Alcohol, Health, and Risky Behaviors (SAHARA) Lab, as well as the Mood Addiction Interaction Neuroscience (MAIN) Lab in the fall of 2017. Under the joint mentorships of Dr. Kim Fromme (Ph.D.) and Dr. Elizabeth Lippard (Ph.D.), Valeria aims to investigate alcohol use in typically developing young adults, and young adults diagnosed with bipolar disorder. To this effect, Valeria is currently examining the relationship between alcohol outcome expectancies, subjective response during intoxication, and young adults’ motives for drinking. She hopes to utilize analytical models examining alcohol use in typically developing young adults to better understand the high co-occurrence rates between alcohol use disorder and bipolar disorder in the clinical population. Valeria is passionate about translational research, evidence-based interventions, and public health. 

Prior to relocating to the United States, Valeria lived in the United Kingdom where she completed a B.Sc. in Psychology, an M.Sc. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and an M.Res. in Brain Science at City, University of London, and University College London (UCL) respectively. Throughout her Master’s degree, Valeria worked as a research assistant at the UCL Preterm Development Project under the mentorship of Dr. Michelle De Haan (Ph.D.). During this time, she completed her graduate honors thesis investigating frontal lobe development following extreme preterm birth and its impact on executive function in infants, as a precursor of Autism. Upon completing her Master’s degree at UCL, Valeria worked as a patient coordinator at the Wellcome Trust Center for Neuroimaging at UCL under the mentorship of Professor Cathy Price (Ph.D.), where she investigated the neural basis of language difficulties in stroke patients suffering from aphasia.

Prior to joining the clinical psychology program at the University of Texas at Austin, Valeria worked at the Emory University Brain Health Center in Atlanta, as a research assistant and clinic coordinator for the Child and Adolescent Mood Program (CAMP) under the mentorship of Dr. Edward Craighead (Ph.D.), and the Emory Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Services (EAST) under the mentorship of Dr. Justine Welsh (M.D.). During this time, Valeria participated in research projects investigating the efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Behavioral Activation (BA) in the treatment of adolescent depression, and in the integration of the Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA) alongside pharmacologic intervention in the treatment of severe opioid addiction in young adults.


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