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Department of Psychology

SURE Program Description


The SURE program will provide stipends for students to conduct two months of full-time (40 hours/week) summer research under the supervision of a UT Austin Department of Psychology faculty member. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the SURE program will occur entirely remotely during the summer of 2021. This means lab participation will occur remotely. A $2500 stipend will be provided to students. The SURE program will run from approximately June 8th to August 8th.

This is a full-time research program which offers an intensive research experience to students with a keen interest in some specific research or broad area of research currently being conducted in the Department of Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin. Despite the fact that the program will occur remotely, all efforts will be made to maximize students' experience in the program. All participants will be assigned a graduate student mentor. The program includes special seminars and workshop sessions related to research and graduate programs along with a number of social activities. These seminars will occur virtually (e.g., via Zoom). 

Virtual seminars and workshop sessions include:
  • guest presentations by University faculty and staff
  • library and computer research resources
  • experimental design and scientific methods
  • ethics in psychological research
  • statistical analysis
  • presenting research
  • applying to graduate school

Students will present their work as a virtual presentation (e.g., power point presentation) at the end of the program and will also have opportunities to have virtual presentations of their work during the course of their participation.


Applicants for the SURE program must be:

  • US Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Undergraduates who are majoring in Psychology at a college or university in the state of Texas

All students are eligible, but preference will be given to students from groups historically underrepresented within the field of psychology (African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, etc.)

Program Requirements

  • Participants will engage in projects for a minimum of 40 hours per week for two months.
  • Participants will attend weekly lab meetings and SURE program seminars.
  • Participants are expected to dedicate themselves full time to the program and should not be enrolled in any classes or working (either part-time or full-time) during their time in the program.

Program Sample Activities

  • Welcome Reception for Participants

  • Graduate Mentor and Undergraduate Participant Lunch

  • Weekly Brown Bag Meetings. Guest presentations by University staff, graduate students and faculty covering topics such as: areas of research in psychology, library research resources, use of computers, scientific methods and experimental design, ethics in psychological research, applying to graduate school, financial resources for minority applicants to graduate programs in psychological science, and information and resources to facilitate the attendance of local and national conferences. View list of past speakers.

  • Poster Session Showcasing Participant Research Projects

  • GRE: While there is no formal GRE training, our graduate student mentors are willing to chat with our students about their experiences with the GRE and often share any study materials they have. In addition, SURE scholars often form GRE study groups over the course of the summer and prepare for the exam together.


Contact SURE Program Coordinator Dr. Marlone Henderson:

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