Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Psychology Researchers Offer Perspectives on the Presidential Primaries

Tue, January 1, 2008

Rebecca Bigler researches gender and racial attitudes and the formation of stereotypes. She has examined children's views of the U.S. Presidency related to race, gender and ethnicity. She can discuss the potential for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to break the pattern of white males serving in the presidency. Website

James Pennebaker has analyzed language in political speech to evaluate a candidate's psychological state. The researchers found the words used in interviews provide insight into how a candidate thinks and relates to people. They have examined the language and personalities of George Bush, John Kerry, Dick Cheney and John Edwards. Website

Sam Gosling studies how people create environments that provide insights into their personalities and how they would like to be perceived. For example, Gosling and his colleagues at New York University and Harvard University have found differences between how liberals and conservatives decorate their offices or bedrooms. Website

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