Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Newsweek Cover Story Discusses Psychology Student and Faculty Research on the Development of Racial Discrimination in Children

Mon, September 14, 2009

Research by Drs. Rebecca Bigler and Brigitte Vittrup, as presented in this week's Newsweek cover story, "Is Your Baby Racist", reveals the importance of having explicit conversations about race in terms children can understand.

"For decades, it was assumed that children see race only when society points it out to them. However, child-development researchers have increasingly begun to question that presumption. They argue that children see racial differences as much as they see the difference between pink and blue—but we tell kids that "pink" means for girls and "blue" is for boys. "White" and "black" are mysteries we leave them to figure out on their own."

...from "Is Your Baby Racist", Newsweek, 09/14/09


Rebecca Bigler web page | Gender & Racial Attitudes Lab | Children's Research Lab | Brigitte Vittrup web page

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