Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Marie Monfils research published in Nature: Preventing the return of fear in humans using reconsolidation update mechanisms

Wed, January 20, 2010

A study led by Drs. Daniela Schiller and Liz Phelps from New York University, in collaboration with UT assistant professor of psychology Marie Monfils, was recently published in the weekly science journal, Nature. In this study on changing the fear response, the authors find that "By introducing new information during the reconsolidation period, it may be possible to permanently change the fear memory." Read more... | Download PDF

This study was a follow-up to another study, published last spring in Science magazine, "Extinction-Reconsolidation Boundaries: Key to Persistent Attenuation of Fear Memories", where a procedure that attenuates the fear memory without the use of drugs is discussed. See also the article on Monfils' research on fear in The New York Times, published in December 2009, "Study Suggests Methods and Timing to Treat Fears".

Dr. Monfils has received an NIH R21 grant to fund research based on her studies of the fear response.
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