Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions about the SURE Program



1. Can I apply if I am graduating (April or May) before the SURE program begins (June)?

Yes, students (regardless of their year) can apply.

2. Am I eligible if I attend a university outside of the State of Texas?

No, we are not accepting students from universities outside of Texas. Our current funding is restricted to Texas residents. 

3. Am I eligible if I am a freshman?

Yes, students (regardless of their year) can apply.

4. Am I eligible if I am not an ethnic minority?

Yes, you are eligible to apply. Students from under-represented groups are strongly encourages to apply; however, being under-represented is not limited to ethnicity.


5. If I am not accepted this year, can I reapply the following year?

Yes you can apply the following year. We encourage students to reapply if they are not accepted.

6. Is on-campus housing for non-UT students mandatory during this internship?

No, on-campus housing is not mandatory. You can deny on-campus housing and still be accepted in this internship.

7. Am I allowed to take a course at UT during this internship?

Yes, as long as the coursework does not interfere with your performance in this internship.  Also if a course is taken you are responsible for tuition. 

8.  Should I receive a confirmation email that my application as been received?

No, but a statement at the end of your application will let you know it was received.

9.  When should I receive a status update on my applicaiton?

Our goal is to have decisions made within 3 weeks after the deadline.  You will receive a notificaion regardless of being accepted or not.

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The deadline for Summer 2016 is February 15, 2016.

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