Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Degree Enhancement

There are a number of organized projects and activities that can keep you close to the community of other psychology students, to faculty and to information about your possibilities for the future.  Listed below are some specific resources and programs offered through the Department.


Dr. Christopher Beevers (Clinical Area) in his Mood Disorders Lab

Research Involvement

Research is not a secret enterprise reserved only for professors and graduate students. Virtually every undergraduate can become involved directly in research. The way to get started is to check out the research opportunities available through PSY 357 Undergraduate Research.

Every faculty member has the authority to let students sign up to assist with research. The type of assistance you may provide in a research setting may find you active involved in conducting research, administering tests or questionnaires or formulating research questions. It is usually possible to get involved in an area that is related to our primary interests.

PSY 357 is highly flexible. Depending on the faculty member with whom you work, there is a good deal of freedom as to whether you will work on a project already underway or become involved at the beginning of a project. After a semester or two of research you should find that your skills in research collaboration and formulation of research questions will increase. The skills you cultivate through this individualized opportunity can apply to almost any professional area and is therefore valuable regardless of the direction you intend to go with your degree.

Continuing Your Research: The Departmental Honors Program

Students interested in perhaps pursuing their own lines of inquiry may want to apply for the Departmental Honors Program.  The program consists of four courses – PSY 458, PSY 359H, PSY 379H and PSY 158H – which are usually completed in a two to three semester sequence during your final semesters at UT.  These courses would allow a student to complete an independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member in the department.  Typically, students will find support and assistance with faculty whose interests are most closely aligned with the research topic.  While PSY 359H, 379H and 158H are restricted to students admitted to the honors program, PSY 458 experimental Psychology is open to all students meeting the GPA requirement (minimum 3.25 GPA in psychology).  Taking this course prior to starting an honors project may help you to decide whether to apply to the program and could also become a pilot for whatever experiment you want to conduct through the honors program.

For more information about departmental Honors, you can check out the Honors Program page.

Teacher Certification Information

Students interested in secondary teacher certification (4th-8th grades or 8th-12th grades) should contact the UTeach Office in the College of Liberal Arts. Information about certification for earlier grades can be found through the College of Education.

Departmental Scholarships

Scholarship: Unrestricted Endowed Presidential Scholarships
Requirements: 3.75 GPA, 45 hours at UT
Information/Contact: Students who qualify for these scholarships will be notified directly in January
Deadline: February
Amount: $2500/yr

Scholarship: Hibbs Scholarships
Requirements: 3.7 GPA, 60 hours (w/minimum two semesters at UT), Enrollment in the Departmental Honors Program
Information/Contact: Students who qualify for these scholarships will be notified in April
Deadline: May 1st
Amount: $500-$2000/yr

Scholarship: David Ivey Scholarships
Requirements: Major in psychology, Good academic standing, Documented volunteer experience
Information/Contact: No written application is necessary. Students need to submit a resume, as well as any documentation for volunteer experience done while at UT
Deadline: November
Amount: may vary from year to year

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