College of Liberal Arts

Donors and Contributors to Patton Hall

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The tremendous generosity of our donors made Patton Hall a reality. To learn more about donating to the College of Liberal Arts, visit Alumni & Giving.

More than $20,000,000 Sherri and Robert L. Patton, Jr.
More than $1,000,000 James J. and Miriam B. Mulva
Robert and Nancy Dedman Family and The Dedman Foundation
The Lebermann Foundation
Julius and Suzan Glickman
From $250,000 - $999,000 John S. Alexander, M.D.
Gil and Tricia Besing
Frank Denius and The Cain Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Dies III
Sharon G. Dies
Lauren E. Dies Brollier, M.D.
Patrick M. Dies
Chip and Sheryl Kaye
From $100,000 - $249,000 The Scurlock Foundation and Leslie and Jack Blanton, Jr.
Bill and Susan Finnegan
Neil and Lisa Goldberg
Mark and Gina Metts
Dick and Judy Perkins
Ellen and Buddy Temple
Peyton and Carolyn Townsend
Allison, Bryan, Campbell, Caroline, Allie, Lauren and Eliza Wagner
From $25,000 - $99,000 Gordon Appleman 
Stephen P. Ballantyne
Stephen R. Butter and Linda Ryan Thomas
Robert and Amy G. Ehrlich
Mary Dell Harrington and Melvin J. Berning, Jr.
Ann G. and David E. Honeycutt
Dee J. Kelly, Jr.
Mildred Kerr
John and Susan Kerr
Rob and Mimi Kerr
Bill and Mary Winters
Patrick S. Lutts in memory of Maria and Vernon Lutts
Woodrow W. Scott, Jr.
Frances Brannes Vick
William D. and Denise P. Watkins
Mary Lou and Bill Wiggins
From $10,000 to $24,999 Jennifer and Fields Alexander
Sharon and Sam Allison
William R. and Ann R. Biggs
Karen and Charlie Blake
Martha Louise Boyd
Gary and Linda Bushell
Coby C. and Julie B. Chase
James F. Cook
Christi Craddick
Christina Melton Crain
Adrienne Shia Draper and Sylvia Shia Jabour
Brian, Lizette, Hannah, David and Adam Feld
Mayo J. Galindo
Larry and Sammi Germer
Daniel Gustafson
Judye and John Hartman
Ben and Barbara Hinds
Chris and Melinda Jackson
Lenoir Moody Josey
Sue Spivey Killam
and the Killam Family Foundation Trust
Herbert M. and Mary Jo Loyd
Dr. G. Sealy and Debbie Massingill
Melinda D. McFarland, M.D.
and Reid C. Hartson, M.D.
J McLane
Ambassador Stan McLelland
Sylvia S. Miller and Max K. Miller, Ph.D.
Katherine T. Mize
Hugh and Jeane Hoffman Pendery
The Perea Family
Robert E. and Patricia O. Phaneuf
Lisa and Randy Ramirez
Helen and Irwin Spear
Patrick and Karen Walker
Under $10,000 John S. Adcock
Michael G. Appleman
Shellye C. Arnold
Bill and Barbara Binder
Scott W. Brooks
Micah Anderson Burnett
Cindy M. Carter
Chusilp Charnsangavej
Stephen L. Chew, Ph.D.
Shirley M. Dannenbaum
Clarice M. Davis
Julie T. DeVincentis
Doll Family Foundation
Jerry R. Grammer, Ph.D.
Jennifer W. Harris
Todd L. Hasie
Barbara Haymon
Kay S. Holmes
Claire K. Holshouser, M.D.
The Honorable Harry L. Hudspeth
Jerry L. Hughes
Linda Crooker Hunsaker
Robert and Kitty Hunter
Mimi H. Hutchison
Shereen F. Ilahi, Ph.D.
Wilson S. Jaeggli
George H. Kelling, Ph.D.
Patricia H. Kelso
Paul E. Kim, M.D.
Shirley F. Kline
David M. Labbe
James W. McBride
Tara G. McCown
Brian T. McLaughlin
Richard P. Meier, Ph.D.
Annie Holand Miller
Sandra H. Neville
Sandra R. Nicolas
Robert H. Paslay
Alice J. Poust, Ph.D.
Hal R. Ray, Jr.
Harry M. Roberts, Jr
Glenn and Louan Rogers
Elisabeth J. Rutledge
John M. Scott
David Shih
Ray B. Smith, Ph.D.
Terry P. Smith
Sandra E. Snyder
Melinda Sparks
Harvey M. Sussman, Ph.D.
Steven A. Sutton
Richard M. Vigness, M.D.
Stephen Westermann
John C. Wheeler
Ms. Carol K. White
Michael M. Wigodsky
Caroline B. Williams
Samuel M. Wilson, Ph.D.
Anthony C. Woodbury, Ph.D.