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2007 Web Feature Archive

  • Books that Changed America: Scholars explore seven seminal works that shaped our nation's history
  • La Llorona's Revenge: The wailing ghost of the Southwest haunts canvasses, celluloid and cyberspace
  • Translating the Arab World: Language, religion and culture are keys to understanding diverse region, scholars say
  • Listen in on History: Untold stories of African American experience in Austin preserved in oral history project
  • Deep Roots? New DNA tests may reveal your ancestry, but researchers urge caution when interpreting results
  • Living Newspapers: High schoolers bring current events to life in curriculum adapting 1930s theater project to the classroom
  • Language of Love From diaries to online chats, writing about your romantic relationship may help it last, researchers find

2006 Web Feature Archive

  • Día de los Muertos: Unearthing Mexico’s national holiday reveals celebrations that keep the dead among the living
  • Banking on Love?: Psychologist uses mating budgets to take the mystery out of finding the perfect partner
  • Citizen Jane: Constitution helps define women’s civic membership and creates social roles, professor argues
  • Making the Grade: Feeling stigmatized can hurt adolescents' chances for long-term academic success, professor says
  • The Gospel Truth?: Scholar says Gospel of Judas and other ancient texts must be read within historical context of early Christianity
  • Mixed Messages: Billboards, other communications encountered in neighborhoods linked to racial inequalities in health
  • The Divorce Dilemma: Sociologist finds that even amicable divorces are likely to have negative effects on children
  • A Fetching Personality: Psychologist’s work may help dog lovers find their perfect match
  • Getting in the Global Groove: Professor examines how music genre unified a youth subculture
  • On the Edge: Professor identifies how suicide bombers work on periphery of terrorist networks
  • Marching on Memphis: Professor looks at how decades of discrimination fueled pivotal fight for civil rights
  • Emotion Control: Suppressing feelings during upsetting events may impair your memory, researcher says

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