College of Liberal Arts

New Liberal Arts Building

From the Dean:

Dean Randy Diehl Dear friends,

At long last, the College of Liberal Arts is preparing to have a space of our own on campus. I invite you to be part of it.

We plan to begin construction of the state-of-the-art (and eco-friendly) building on the east mall in 2011. By the time it’s done in 2013, it will have more than 30 modern classrooms and a center with study lounges and meeting rooms for Liberal Arts students who, until now, have had no central place on campus to study, meet and work together.

The building will be home to as many as a dozen departments, centers and programs and will have office and lab space for 250 faculty. For some departments, the new building will replace space that’s woefully small, inadequate or out-of-date — and that has discouraged some potential students and professors from coming to Austin. The new building will also allow colleagues from related disciplines to come together under one roof for the first time. It will foster the type of collaboration, collegiality and intellectual give-and-take that’s vital to any great university.

Even as we deal with short-term challenges at The University of Texas at Austin, the building will help guarantee that the College of Liberal Arts’ success continues in the long term and that we have the talent and vision needed to thrive for decades to come.

I encourage you to explore these Web pages which include the latest updates and offer ways you can help make this a reality.

Randy L. Diehl
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

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